The Name Troy


  • Energetic
  • Approachable
  • Humorous
  • Supercilious
  • Spoiled
  • Arrogant

About the Name Troy

When the titillating and triumphant letter T comes into close contact with the robustly romantic letter R, it tends to create words with the combination of vigor and candidness found in: tremendous, trumpeting, Trojan, trustworthy, truth and trophy. This unusual amalgam of strength and blunt sincerity may explain why this root has remained so popular over the last fifty years and why many people (particularly women) elect to add the high-pitched letter Y or I to the end of their names. Names that end with the youthful letter Y have the effect of making their owners more approachable and accessible.

With their down-home integrity and natural curiosity, TRs are drawn to careers in which they’re able to express their original ideas. Their application of their strength/vulnerability trait allows them to take liberties that others find impossible: like befriending the company bully or waltzing into the CEO’s office unannounced. An offbeat sense of humor contributes to their cheeky charms and they’re amongst the first to defuse tense situation s with their witty observations.

But once TRs get a bee in their bonnets, it’s nigh on impossible to deflect them from their course. Sometimes we see this when they set their sights on a potential mate, but more likely it will be expressed in altruistic offerings like helping a friend move or working in a soup kitchen.

TRs learn quickly when they want to, but prefer to rely on their internal radars to warn them of danger. But even with their extraordinary powers of observation, TRs can get flustered when events catch them by surprise and seem poorly equipped to cope with crises. This is why, on the keyboard of life, TRs always have one finger on the escape key, and this is particularly noticeable when it comes to the TR’s relationships, in which their unwillingness to tackle emotional issues can become a major barrier to intimacy. Relationships can also be tricky things for their partners, who can never quite sure as to what’s really troubling their otherwise devoted mate. And yet, TRs are so confident of themselves that they really believe that they don`t have issues. Maybe it’s everyone else that has a perception problem.

The best marriage environments for these sensitive personalities are those that allow them to express their inner selves without fear of rejection. For like many people with hidden vulnerabilities, TRs prefer to operate on their own terms and from positions of emotional power. Dealing with children, on the other hand, presents no such problem, and TRs find their natural honesty to be refreshing and completely unthreatening.