The Name Timmy


  • Strong
  • Sensitive
  • Creative
  • Inconstant
  • Nervous
  • Impatient

About the Name Timmy

The letter T is the icon for strength, commitment and spirituality, and when it comes into contact with the symbol of maternal motherly love (mollycoddle, mammary, mediate, Mary Magdalene, and Madonna ) it evokes the gently sensitive spirit we find in the words altruism, esteem, tame, autumn, timid, and optimal. These desirable qualities may account for the fact that over one million Americans sport these names with no sign of declining popularity. Of particular interest is the fact that many TMs opt to infantilize their names by terminating them with the youthful sounds of the letters Y or I. This is why the Tammys, Tommys and Timmys of the world convey a distinctly more engaging air than their abruptly named counterparts.

As a rule, TMs are sensitive and arty types who tend to gravitate toward music, writing and other forms of self-expression. Their spiritual outlook on life includes a priority on personal growth and, while theyíre not overly driven, they have an enviable way of coming out on top. Perhaps itís their relaxed attitude that encourages opportunities to come to them -- rather than the other way round -- but it also has something to do with the TMsí steely side that (when the situation calls for it) has a surprisingly keen edge. This is especially true when TMs are put on the defensive where loved ones are concerned.

The TMsí professional issues are conducted with the same panache that characterizes their personal dealings, and with their ability to brace themselves when necessary, are ideal candidates for emotionally exhausting professions like medicine, relief work and teaching. These people are capable of tremendous empathy, but also know how to bury it when they sense themselves getting too personally involved. As long as they donít ply this technique in their relationships, TM mates will prove to be unswervingly communicative and reliable. But donít be surprised if they donít seem romantic: they believe that love should be expressed through loyalty and fidelity, and not through trinkets and platitudes.

TMs may be attractive and unafraid of flaunting their charms, but they often regard themselves as better lovers than their reputations warrant. And if youíre considering dating a TM, youíd better get used to the fact that romance -- the traditional kind of romance, that is Ė doesnít fit their notion of courtship. You wonít get many evenings snuggling on the couch, but you will be kept on your toes by these unpredictable and alluring souls.