The Name Susie


  • Smart
  • Fashionable
  • Droll
  • Ditzy
  • Unfocused
  • Annoying

About the Name Susie

People whose names begin with the sexy and sassy letter S are usually described as outgoing and expressive. And since the letter Z is the symbol of all that is zany, zealous, zippy, and zesty, it’s not surprising that many people expect the SZ women to be particularly uninhibited… if not a little madcap on occasion.

SZs are almost always a step ahead in their thinking and attitude. If this gives them their reputation for being eccentric, then that’s just fine with the SZs, who really can’t be bothered about what other people say about them -- as long as it’s the truth. It’s not that they’re any more thick-skinned than the next guy; it’s just that they’d much rather know who their enemies are.

SZ people seem to draw energy from new experiences and in meeting new people.

And with their singular effervescence, an SZ thrown into a crowd of strangers will become an instant party. Even if you don`t like her style you’ll have to agree that your SZ friend is as blithe a spirit as you’ll ever meet, and if you aren’t going to take her seriously, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Still, it would be a mistake to underestimate her sharp intelligence and worldly experience.

One salient trait of the SZ is her preference for the latest fashions and it’s not likely that you’d find one shlumping around without makeup unless she’s just woken up. She may not be a model but she certainly has no intention of being ignored, and because her fashion sense is a little ahead of the curve (playing into her quirky reputation) her ‘ear-to-the-ground‘ skil l is often dovetailed into her professional life. This is why many SZs end up being great journalists, designers and artists. But people-contact remains her highest priority, and she`ll gladly take a lower paying job in a friendly office over a promotion to a cushier but lonelier cubicle.

People in general, and the opposite sex in particular, are drawn to the SZ’s winsome ways. Indeed, most SZs make warmly caring mates when they finally get around to finding a partner, but they can be tough nuts to crack in the dating arena where they often find it difficult to shake off their footloose impulses.

Although SZs are prone to playing the field, they also have strong instincts for settling down and raising families. And when their wanderlust finally falls prey to the joys of parenthood, their offspring will be induced to think for themselves and strongly encouraged to follow in their mother’s unconventional footsteps.