The Name Susan


  • Outgoing
  • Physical
  • Intelligent
  • Deceptive
  • Unpredictable
  • Dangerous

About the Name Susan

Names that begin with the letter S usually imply a personality that is sassy, sexy, slinky, sensual, and stylish. And anyone with two Ss in their name is bound to be able to beguile the socks off a shoeless man. But i t must also be said that when the letter S comes into close contact with the negative letter N (no, not, never, nada, null, nothing, nyet, and naught) it creates words that remind us of someone looking down their nose: snooty, snobby, sneering, snotty, snippy, snappy, and snub. So if you know any SSNs, chances are that youíve been charmed by their sharp intelligence but youíve also learned to be cautious of their biting tongues.

To be fair, it should be recognized that their bout s of acerbic behavior are not a result of any egotistical expression, but are simply defensive reactions designed to protect the SSNsí sensitive cores.

The sultry and smoldering undercurrent you sense in your SSN friend is real, but there`s also a lightness to her that manifests in a touchy-feely approach. Sheíll wrap those close to her in a swath of physical affection, but like many people prone to emotional fragility, SSNs are experts at protecting their feelings (which is why penetrating their emotional centers can be quit e tricky). While theyíre consistently friendly, they manage to project an air of untouchability that is sometimes perceived to be snobbishness. But given t hat these sensitive sprites have such an uncommon hunger for intimacy, they arenít going to risk their valuable emotional energies on anyone who hasnít given them some reliable indication of trustworthiness.

The SSNsí appreciation for all things aesthetic makes them perfect for careers in design, food, and music. Their job choices will usu ally include a good deal of people contact, and almost always in small and inti mate settings, wherein they can construct meaningful bonds. If thereís going to be a problem in their work lives, itíll probably have something to do with the SSNís disinterest in office politics, which often ends up costing them dearly when it com es to promotion and salary reviews.

In matters of the heart, the SSN will be as affectionate any one could wish, but he r partner must learn which buttons not to push -- for an SSN in one of her sensitive moods is capable of biting sarcasm and obdurate stubbornness. SSNs also have that rare gift of being able to enforce discipline with a smile -- perhaps because people fear what might happen if that smile ever went away. Still, if you are looking for a partner who understands the value of loyalty and the rewards of commitment, you would be hard pressed to find a more steadfast mate.