The Name Sinbad


  • Discreet
  • Capable
  • Devoted
  • Careless
  • Sentimental
  • Dependent

About the Name Sinbad

Names that begin with the sensuous letter S (or the sound of the soft letter C) are indicative of a personality rife with sass and sauciness. As a counterbalance to this free-spirited theme, the ND letter combination imparts the elements of benevolence and emotional generosity that can be discerned in the words: kindly, fondly, friend, lend, endear, slender, garland and Godsend. Itís also noteworthy that most SND names end with the youthful letter Y: words that end with high- pitched tones tend to advertise themselves as being distinctly accessible; friendly, silly, goofy, zany, and honey.

Even though SNDs can be as stubborn as two-year olds on occasion, the majority of the time, the most annoying thing about them is their tendency to be so damned agreeable. It should be said that SNDs arenít unassuming because they fear confrontation: their brand of unpretentiousness is a reflection of their inner- tranquility and spiritual approach to life. And eve n when one does encounter their obstinate sides, itís likely to be rooted in a desire to see justice done and social equity restored. So if youíre looking for a non-judgmental friend whoís capable of unconditional support, youíre not going to do much better than a SND.

Like most people whose names begin with the letter S, SNDs arenít motivated by power, authority, or wealth. These are people who derive satisfaction from a job well done -- no matter how pedestrian it might be. Because they`re so easily distracted by minutiae, SNDs will need their work environments to be well organized; but once theyíve got all their ducks in a row, theyíre likely to be the most productive cogs in the machine. If thereís a downside to the SNDsí meticulous approach to their professional lives, itís that they tend to vacillate when it comes to choosing their career paths, and sometimes, SNDs will drift for years in meaningless jobs before deciding on a particular career. So if anyone accuses your SND friend of laziness, you can reassure him or her th at theyíre simply taking time to ponder their future.

Things are very different when it comes to the SNDsí emotional commitments, for they have no sense of fear when it comes to matters of the heart. And this isnít because theyíre overconfident or anything, itís just because they have a philosopherís faith in fate. These spiritual souls are at their best when teamed up with partners who connect with their unique outlook s on providence, and mates will appreciate the SNDsí patient and accommodating ministrations. Their intrinsic calm will be welcome in touchy situations, their stubbornness invaluable when negotiating rent, and their social graces priceless in smoothing out conflict.