The Name Sigourney


  • Shrewd
  • Studious
  • Talented
  • Pessimistic
  • Vain
  • Caustic

About the Name Sigourney

Names that begin with the letter S imply a personality that is sassy, sexy, slinky, sensual, and stylish. But when the letter S comes into close contact with the negative letter N (no, not, never, nix, null, nothing, nada, nyet, and naught) it tends to create words that remind us of someone looking d own their nose, as in: snooty, snobby, sneering, snotty, snippy, snappy, and snub. So if you know any SNs, thereís a good chance that youíve been charmed by their sharp intelligence and learned to be cautious of their biting tongues. It should be said that uppity behavior on the SNsí part doesnít stem from any sense of ego: itís more of a defensive reaction caused by their episodic forays into pessimism.

When you think of SNs, think of those no-frills types of people who need to know exactly where they stand with the people around them, and who will extend the same courtesy to others. This kind of direct approach gives SNs their reputation for being a little uptight, and while itís not completely unjustified, SNs are a lot more complicated than that. So youíd be underestimating them if you wrote them off as being single-minded snobs, for their motivations are typically the result of their unconventional minds and deeply spiritual natures. In their personal lives, SNs tend to accumulate core groups of admirers who appreciate their unique brand of wisdom. The heavy lifting involved in managing these fan clubs may explain why SNs donít feel any great need to expand the size of their social groups.

SNs prefer to avoid conflict, so careers in competitive or political environments like law and big business arenít going to be their cup of tea. Theyíre much more comfortable in unstructured situations (like design, science, or teaching) which allow them to articulate their creative talents. On e could even call them nerdy, but itís not as if they donít like to unwind every now and thenÖ perhaps itís just that mean perfectionist streak that makes them seem so prosaic. Itís also best not to make any changes to the SNsí routine without first consulting them, for they are creatures of habit who are ill-equipped to handle sudden changes in their personal and professional lives.

In matters of the heart, SN mates are one part idealistic, one part practical, and one part irresponsible, and theyíd much rather remain single until theyíve found the one. Romance for romanceís sake is lost on these sensible creatures, who view marriage as just another rite of passage to be tack led only when the moon is right.

Because these are people who hate to fail, their contribution to the union may not come in the form of romantic gestures: it will show up in their terrier-like commitment to the partnership.