The Name Sherise


  • Giving
  • Vigorous
  • Spontaneous
  • Unstable
  • Sexually-overbearing
  • Reckless

About the Name Sherise

When the letter S is paired with the hushed letter H, it takes on the reassuring tones of the words: shy, shame, shalom, sheepish, mushy, squishy, blush, and bashful. This is why, when mothers soothe their crying children, they often use high-frequency words like shh or hush. And since the romantic letter R is the symbol for all things raunchy, racy, randy, rapturous, and ravishing, SHR names are indicative of a somewhat easy-going individual whose puckish sense of fun emerges only after you’ve known them for a while.

Although SHRs can sometimes fall prey to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, these people radiate a positive energy and a can-do spirit. You’ll usually find them surrounded by eclectic groups of friends, all of whom look to them as their emotional leaders, and SHRs are always up to the challenge of bringing out the best in people.

Maybe it’s because SHRs are nonjudgmental that they’re as popular as they are, but it could also have something to do with their unflagging commitment to making their relationships work. In a way, SHRs make projects out of their friends by plying them with suggestions on how they might better their lives, and as annoying as this can be, the SHR’s sharp insights have to be respected.

Although SHRs enjoy the limelight, they’re not the types to actively seek it out.

They’ve learned that a demure and subtle approach will get them what they need -- without them having to resort to showy behavior. From the SHR’s point of view, it’s all about being emotionally honest: these are creatures with deeply spiritual and philosophical cores.

While people who bear an SHR name are not averse to intellectual pursuits, their endeavors tend to be of an artistic nature that orb its around the themes of art, religion, music, and philosophy. Success and recognition are certainly amongst the things they would like to achieve, but they’re hardly the most important things in their lives. It’s more about what they can learn along their journey and how they can apply this knowledge to improve their relations hips. That’s why careers for SHRs usually include something besides the usual nine-to-five grind; like most curious people, SHRs don’t have the patience for detail and repetition.

The SHRs’ emotional intelligence comes in handy when it come s to intimate applications and they are superbly equipped for the give-and-take of exclusive partnerships. Their invigorating brand of sexuality makes them highly prized mates, but potential loves should tread lightly on sensitive emotional issues lest they become recipients of the SHRs’ unexpected temper.