The Name Sheena


  • Deliberate
  • Protective
  • Involved
  • Introverted
  • Self
  • doubting

About the Name Sheena

Itís quite remarkable how often words in which the letter N occurs denote some aspect of disagreeability. This is why the N is the symbol of all things negative ( no, not, never, nada, null, nothing, nada, nyet, naugh t) and why itís a harbinger of some form of pessimism in names in which it appears. On the other hand, when the sexy letter S teams up with the gently whispered letter H, it creates the hushed tones of a mother soothing her child: shh, shy, hush, shame, shalom, sheepish, mushy, squishy, blush, and bashful. Perhaps this is why the SHN names herald such gentle personalities with well-masked emotional brittleness.

SHNs have an unusual need for privacy and youíll rarely catch them volunteering information about their intimate lives or behaving without considered restraint.

This is not to say that the SHNs shun the spotlight, but even when they have occasion for celebrity, they retain their poise and jealously guard their inner lives.

SHNs typically maintain a small group of intimates outs ide of which they donít expend their energies. This is why you should never take it personally if SHNs seem to snub you. Nine times out of ten, it has absolutely nothing to do with you (and most times they werenít even aware that you were there in the first place).

SHNs have their ups and downs like everyone elseÖ itís just that they occur with greater frequency than the rest of us. Perhaps this results from their tendency to separate their emotions from traumatic events, rather than dealing with them from the outset. Because they have the stamina to cope with emotionally draining situations, they are ideal for careers in emergency -work and those high-stress jobs where others tend to burn out under pressure. This same trait typically keeps them away from the more touchy-feely professions such as counseling and teaching, which require one-on-one empathy and the ability to really listen.

SHNs like to keep themselves active and always seem to have some activity planned, even if itís just a day of hearty shopping or going to a movie. And even if your particular SHN friend isnít the type to work out at a gym, chance s are theyíve been meaning to do so for years. They donít have to be around people, itís just that, for them, the most exciting things happen in public places.

Married to an SHN? Congratulations. Now, good luck holding on. These are people who appreciate (and expect) quality in all things and arenít shy about demanding the same from their partners: so unless youíre the faithful type whoís willing to keep their interested piqued with romance and intrigue, donít let the door hit you on the way out.