The Name Shasa


  • Alive
  • Spirited
  • Magnetic
  • Self-indulgent
  • Insensitive
  • Tactless

About the Name Shasa

It’s remarkable how frequently words that describe the qualities of effervescence and liveliness contain the letter F or the PH sound. The F sound is responsible for the words fun, frolic, flirtatious, flamboyant, fancy, friend ly, flighty, and flippant, and when it occurs in words initialized by the sexy, seductive, and sassy letter S, it takes on an even more unorthodox flair: sylph, sophist, showoff, spoof, spitfire, and suffragette. Perhaps this is why so many people report that their SF friends’ sparkle was on display when they were still small children. They were the ones singing away at their first-grade musical concert without a hint of self- consciousness. Talented? Not necessarily. Game? Undeniably.

Even though SFs are constantly on the go, they hardly ever seem to be in a hurry.

These are women who know how to enjoy the finer things in life, such as languid shopping trips, fine dining and exotic vacations. This is not to say that SFs aren’t prone to the same stresses endured by the rest of us, but it’s as if they’ve negotiated a deal with themselves to work hard and play harder.

SFs are not only intellectual, but they’re deeply spiritual as well (which may explain why they seem so well adjusted). They have inordinately well-developed social skills, and if they cared to, could have a party with thirty of their closest friends on any given night. They do have their favorites (maybe a girlfriend or two with whom they share absolutely everything), but true intimacy is solely reserved for their lovers. Despite their engaging charm, SFs are prone to moods of whimsy during which even close friends find themselves shut out for a while. Usually this is just an indication that the SF is recharging her batteries, but it can sometimes represent something more serious, like an upcoming change in her career or a new romantic partner.

SFs are spontaneous creatures who avoid putting themselves into situations that limit their options. They treasure their independence and, even when happily married, need to know that they can take off for a while without upsetting their mates. On the flipside, the SFs’ emotions can run away with them when it’s least expected. And while some might think that this is a symptom of her immaturity, from the SF’s perspective, she’s simply trying to communicate her feelings as honestly as possible.

There’s nothing lethargic about the SF when it comes to mating and dating, and if you’re hoping to have a successful relationship with one of these dynamos, you’d better have some oomph in your own life. Nowhere will this be more applicable than in the physical manifestations of your relationship, where the SF will need persistent reassurances of her desirability.