The Name Scott


  • Incisive
  • Gracious
  • Determined
  • Indulgent
  • Boorish
  • Erratic

About the Name Scott

When the letter C is pronounced with the sharp tone of the letter K, it takes on all the edgy aspects we associate with the words: crash, crime, cancer, caustic, crack, crunch, kill, kick, and caffeine. And when it occurs in words and names that begin with the sassy letter S, it tends to create the sense of youthful mischief found in: scamp, scallywag, scofflaw, scammer, scandalous, scantily, scapegoat, scold, scruffy, and scrappy. It’s not surprising, therefore, that SK names reflect personalities with uncommon intelligence and finely honed senses of humor. The most popular name in this category ( Scott), terminates in the talented, triumphant and tough letter T, implying a man with a crystal clear vision for his life.

SKs are dynamic individuals with a lot to prove and who enjoy taking on the challenges that most others avoid. If they were a Starbuck’s product, they’d be a triple-shot venti latte : bracing, motivating and with a just little creamy froth. But these somewhat Spartan personalities can be hard to warm up to without a little work. They aren’t particularly snobbish, but there’s a fine line between snobbishness and aloofness where SKs are concerned. Perhaps this is because they don’t particularly care about what other people think -- they’re far too secure to be distracted by little things like that.

SKs seem to be constantly mulling something over. It c an be hard to tell exactly what’s on their minds, but they’ll often come out of left field with offbeat observations, which, upon further examination, prov e deeply profound. But breaching the SKs’ emotional defenses is a bit like prying a clamshell open with a toothpick. The best strategy is to patiently wait (with a little bait) until their inquisitive natures entice them out in the open. Th e one thing you can count on about the SKs is that they are going to have a rigid set of stand ards for their lives, which they cling to with almost religious zeal.

Because it’s difficult to discern what SKs might really be feeling, they often make people a little uneasy. But their inscrutability ca n also be one of their greatest assets when it comes to their professional lives. Even if they’re not professional poker players, they are highly effective salespeople who can hold their own in any negotiation.

As you might guess, SKs can present quite a puzzle in intimate relationships.

Those who have SKs for mates are going to have to boost them with demonstrations of physical and emotional encouragement. They’re certainly not the type to ask for this kind of reassurance, since what they really need, is for you to be sensitive enough to know what they want. So if you’re not the intuitive kind, then you have no business being in an SK relationship.