The Name Sally


  • Energetic
  • Observant
  • Clever
  • Dogmatic
  • Self-indulgent
  • Superficial

About the Name Sally

The letter L is the symbol for all the things that money canít buy: life, love, liberty, loyalty, learning, and laughter. So itís not surprising that names in which the L appears usually suggest levelheaded individuals wit h a laid back approach to life.

But because these names begin with the sassy, surreptitious, and sexy letter S, thereís the suggestion of a person with a disquieting element of furtiveness that surrounds their intentions -- a result of the SL phonemeís strong connection to all things: sly, slick, slippery, sliding, slimy, and slithery.

SLs are those people that seem to have it all. Without much effort, they marry well, live apparently stress-free lives, and have enough money to make it seem like they donít need any. But these resources donít come cheap, and the price is usually paid in the SLsí close relationships where their natural inclination to maintain order in their own lives, often translates into controlling the lives of others as well. SLs consider it their duty to confront people with the ir shortcomings and problems. And although they do this without malice, they are hardly overburdened with diplomatic skills and many people are put off by their somewhat pushy intrusions. Still, once sucked into the SLsí sphere of influence, many people find themselves becoming fans of the SLsí unswerving loyalty and systematic approach to friendship.

Because SL people are so talented, itís not unusual to find t hem at the top of their chosen professions. And if you happen to work under one, youíd better have your ducks in a row because they are notoriously finicky when it comes to getting the job done right. But to properly understand them, yo u should know that power for its own sake has very little appeal. What theyíre looking for (whether they know it or not) is simply social approval.

In light of the SLsí earnestly lived existence, you wouldnít expect much passion from them in the dating department. Fortunately, SLs also nurture a rather well hidden creative side that comes to the fore when theyíre sheltered in intimate relationships. And thatís why theyíre so choosy ab out their intimate connections in which every nuance from potential suitors will h ave some significance. The SLsí mates will find it to their advantage to have well -developed communication skills if they expect to enjoy peaceful relationships with these finicky people.

Family life may come naturally, but it doesnít come without careful consideration.

But no matter what you say about SL personalities, theyíre anything but reckless when it comes to the important matters of marriage and children.