The Name Ruth


  • Gracious
  • Hospitable
  • Truthful
  • Moody
  • Dry
  • Narrow-minded

About the Name Ruth

There’s usually a little bit of the fuddy-duddy in people whose names contain a TH phoneme. But there’s also the spiritually thoughtful strength that resonates in words like: theology, theory, thespian, thinker, thrifty, father, mother, and thankful. And because the red-blooded letter R initializes these names, it evokes an image of a woman with an impish sense of fun, a genteel charm and a willingness to please.

You may think that compliancy is their most defining trait, but let’s get one thing straight: RTHs are extraordinarily self-assured and have titanium backbones that allow them to weather the most severe storms. This otherwise demure woman can be quite a pistol when the occasion arises, especially when she gets to defend her ideas. She doesn’t exactly go looking for trouble, but she does seem to enjoy surprising people with her feisty outbursts. If people seem to instinctively trust RTHs, it’s because they really don’t seem to have hidden agendas. They are unfailingly up-front with their expectations and will rarely lose their composure -- even in the face of aggression.

The RTH’s sense of balance serves her well in her career life and, like most people whose names begin with the letter R, is likely to achieve her professional goals.

She’ll typically gravitate towards careers that involve working closely with people (like teaching, medicine or legal work), and even if she has no great aspirations in the workplace, then she’ll probably make her mark as the best soccer mom in town. Her compassion often leads the RTH to play a central role in her community, acting as mother to a wide variety of individuals and opening her home to anyone who needs a little encouragement. These are comfortable and comforting people, and even when RTHs seem to lose their tempers, it’s probably just calculated for effect.

An instinctive nurturer, the RTH dotes on her children but rears them with intractable discipline. She’s the kind who pours chicken soup down sore throats in the same way as she forces advice into unwilling ears. But as much as her children may resent their mother’s interference in their Internet and video-game lives, her maternal attentions will pay great dividends for them in later life.

The RTH’s mothering instincts extend to her spouse as well, and her partner can expect a well-regulated household and family routine. RTHs typically make wise choices when it comes to marriage partners, although the same can’t be said for their casual relationships, in which they are often drawn to the bad-boy types.

Once they’ve gotten it out of their systems though, they almost always snuggle up to someone with a little less testosterone.