The Name Roy


  • Composed
  • Observant
  • Open-minded
  • Reserved
  • Detached
  • Complicated

About the Name Roy

RY names convey all the robust, romantic, randy, ribald, racy qualities that are typical of names beginning with the letter R, but because most of these names are terminated with a high-pitched Y or IE, this promise of passion is largely unfulfilled. For when names end with a Y or IE, it’s an indication of a happy-go- lucky – even childlike – personality that we find in the words: jolly, baby, kitty, goofy, funny, silly, and doggy. Still, these are people whose approach to life is characterized by a high level of optimism and a willingness to share this enthusiasm with their eclectic social groups.

Not known for overt bursts of temper, the self-contained RYs are somewhat of an anachronism amongst those with the passionate R names. Most RYs make decisions with their heads and not their hearts, giving them a restrained air unusual for this emotive group. Yet they are anything but cold fish; it’s just that they’ve managed to find ways to discipline their emotions instead of indulging in them.

Rather than letting it all hangout, they channel their feelings into their everyday work and lives, and often accomplish great things as a result. But because people mistakenly assume that RYs are all business and no romance, the downside is that they`re often excluded from intimate relationships.

RYs seem to have an opinion on everything. This is less a reflection of the RYs need to win converts to their cause than it is a compulsion to rattle the cage to see what falls out. RYs subscribe to the dictum that if you’re not making waves, you’re not paddling, and they view life as one long opportunity to understand the universe. They pride themselves on their ability to listen and seem eager to learn from the constant flow of new people in their lives. They’ll pick up eclectic bits of information along the way, digest them, overlay them with their unique philosophies, and dispense them to anyone who’ll listen. It would be unusual for RYs to pass on opportunities to try something new -- a trait that comes in handy in their professional lives -- and even though they’re not motivated by money alone, they always find a way to live comfortably.

For all their mental activity, RYs struggle with self-doubt when it comes to relationships. Perhaps this explains why the RY is a finicky sort when it comes to intimacy and is apt to test-drive a number of partners before finally settling on one. Relationships are optimistically pursued but with a lack of direction that leaves potential mates scratching their heads. Whether this stems from restlessness or it’s simply an indication that RYs are slow learners (when it comes to matters of the heart), is a matter for debate.