The Name Rock


  • Bold
  • Intelligent
  • Quick-thinking
  • Dramatic
  • Impatient
  • Distracted

About the Name Rock

The sharply pronounced K sound imparts an aggressive sense of urgency to the words and names in which it appears, and its forceful nature can be discerned in the words: kick, kill, king, kidnap, knuckle, knife and knight. And since the letter R is the symbol for the more defiant aspects of passion -- raunchy, racy, ribald, randy, rapture, ravish and relish – its combination with the K sound tends to produce words with a dashing flair: rakish, raconteur, prankster, remarkable, risky, rocket, perky, and quirky. RK people simply don`t believe in holding anything back; on the contrary, they’ll practically tear their hearts out and sew them to their sleeves.

RKs love being the center of attention, but aren’t the types to leap onto center- stage. They prefer instead, standing apart from the crowd by either dressing a little better than most, or driving the latest model car. And with a physical presence that matches their powerful desire for respect, RKs will let you know -- in no uncertain terms – when you breach their zone of comfort by being too chummy. Even though they share the inherent playfulness of the R names, there’s an added edge that puts some teeth into their smiles. RKs are typically active people who excel at a number of physical pastimes. But because of their strong competitive drives, they are more likely to choose activities that place the emphasis on individual achievement, rather than team sports in which their accomplishments may be diluted.

You’ll never have to wonder where RKs stand on issues. In fact, with their unfiltered tell-it-like-it-is style of communication, you may wish that they would let you wonder a little more. But as tiresome as the drama in the RKs’ lives can be, one must admit that the world would be a much duller place without them. For RKs can be quite endearing when they choose to be, and there’s plenty of room for rewarding friendships once you get used to their off-again on-again ways. If you’re looking for a cheap way to befriend an RK, make sure you laugh at his or her jokes.

Mucking about in relationships is among the RK`s favorite pastimes and they usually devote a great deal of their energy to dating and mating. If falling in love is one of their specialties, it’s because they have so much practice at it. But to be fair, RKs will give marriage a damn good shot once they’ve had a chance to sow their wild oats. Overall, marriage with an RK should be a rewarding affair mixed with moments that would try the patience of a saint, but if you love surprises and are up for adventures, you`ll have your hands full with this urbane extrovert.