The Name Randall


  • Energetic
  • Kind-hearted
  • Spunky
  • Temperamental
  • Unpredictable
  • Intimidating

About the Name Randall

Whenever a name begins with the red-blooded letter R, we typically find a personality that contains heavy doses of passion and spunk. And in the case of the RND names, this high level of emotionality is often associated with an overly volatile nature. Perhaps this is because the letter N is the definitive symbol of all things negative (no, not, never, nada, null, nothing, nada, nyet, and naught ), while the Dís dark side is displayed in the words: doom, damnation, devil, demon, destroy, danger and dominate. This is why many RND people terminate their names with the youthful letter Y or I, as in Randy and Randi. Any time a name ends with a high-pitched letter, it has the diminutizing effects seen in: silly, funny, kitty, goofy, happy, and dizzy.

An RND can appear to be quite threatening to someone who doesn`t know the difference between a bark and a bite. But if you`ve ever had one for a friend, you`ll know that their feisty temperaments have their origins in hearts of gold. Unlike most people whose names begin with an R, RNDs have a natural air of authority about them and a corresponding tendency to take control of situations. In part, this stems from the fact that RNDs have a fear of rejection, but itís also a symptom of extraordinary talent and ability. Mind you, even though the RNDs are softies deep down, they are not above capitalizing on their intimidating effect in the workplace where they often end up in positions of leadership and responsibility.

Like most people with a passion for life, RNDs have a thirst for learning and discovery. This doesnít mean that theyíre going to do well in structured learning environments (formal education tends to retard their imaginations), but they are voracious readers and consumers of news and popular culture. Even if you wouldnít describe them as Renaissance men or women, they can hold their own on a surprising number of subjects: everything from computers to the arts, to science and fire-fighting.

RND mates are good to have around when the chips are d own. They will gladly hold the reins in difficult situations, and their calming presence will be welcome with the pressure is on. This isnít to say that they arenít going to have their down times, mind you, because for all their competent carriage, RNDs can be somewhat obsessive and suffer from periodic bouts of depression and heavy soul-searching.

In these melancholic moments, the normally sociable RNDs prefer to lick their wounds in private: all the better to turn their angst into something creative.