The Name Qiana


  • Questing
  • Unbiased
  • Daring
  • Temperamental
  • Disconnected
  • Puzzling

About the Name Qiana

Q names are extremely rare and are represented by fewer than 100,000 individuals in the United States. It’s an odd letter that is of ten used to describe unusual qualities: queer, quackery, quagga, quaint, quirky, and quandary. Of all the Q names, Quinn and Quentin are the most common, accounting for almost 40% of i ts usage. People whose names begin with a Q are correspondingly unique, and place very few limits on themselves when it comes to living their quixotic lives.

Q people are pioneers at heart. They have to be. Fro m an early age they were set apart from the rest of their friends by their unusual names, and subtly conditioned into their atypical status. But this gave them an advantage over the rest of us.

Because they were not expected to live up to any preset stereotypes, they were also encouraged to live out creative and original lives.

The Q’s strong right-brained tendencies result in a strange kind of logic that the conservatives among us would find downright creepy. But Qs thrive on confusion.

It’s not that they’re anarchists or anything; it’s just that they function best when they don’t know what the future holds. They are surfers of life, who would rather ride a wave than try and control it. All they have to do is to concentrate on staying upright.

Tradition and fashion are an anathema to the Q’s flamboyant style. It’s not that Qs consciously set out to make a statement with their clothing; they just seem to believe that vintage attire and mismatched colors are better suited to represent their quirky personalities. And true to this creative flair, Qs have a zest for the spotlight and relish all forms of public expression, whether it’s singing, dancing, or debating.

If curiosity killed the cat, it plays havoc on the Q’s social life as well, and maybe explains why Qs always seem to be hanging out with a new set of friends. It’s true that many people can only take them in small doses, but their high turnover of friends is more than likely a reflection of the Q’s insatiable appetite for variety.

In spite of their eccentricities – or perhaps because of them – Qs have no real problem in negotiating dates or finding partners for their crimes against logic.

Potential partners should be warned that Qs are creative in the bedroom too. If they’re not the adventurous types, they’re going to be surprised by the Q’s quirky carnal tastes.