The Name Pierce


  • Gracious
  • Objective
  • Sexy
  • Vain
  • Miserly
  • Manipulative

About the Name Pierce

The PRS name root is a convoluted blend of intricate influences that make for equally complex personalities. There’s the pompous and patronly P, which when combined with the randy and ribald letter R, evokes the sternly masculine images found in the words: protector, provocateur primal, pride, prick, predictable, priest, prostate, prizefighter, and profane. Fortunately, a great deal of these names’ severity is tempered by the addition of the sensual letter S (or the soft pronunciation of the C), which transforms them into symbols of benign pow er: precious, princess, prosperous, personable, present able, purist, and praise.

These self-assured people inspire respect with their coolly elegant carriage. Their outlook on life is one of calm ownership – as if the world was their oyster and they’re playing the part of the pearl. With an uncommon ability for convincing others to do things for them that they wouldn’t do for anyone else, it’s not surprising that PRSs are famous for their perpetually pleased smiles. These aren’t devious manipulators by any means… it’s just that people readily respond to their commanding charm. The PRS’ gracious thank-yous are sufficient reward for those who have fallen captive to their charisma.

These are realistic and levelheaded individuals who will rarely permit themselves a leap into the deep end without careful consideration. But on those occasions when the PRS has a rush of blood and does something they’re going to regret in the morning, it’ll be done with the consummate flair that only a PRS can muster.

Going to a PRS’ party? Make sure you take caviar and champagne because dogs and beer aren’t going to cut it. PRSs appreciate quality and beauty in all forms, and are drawn to professions in which they can be surrounded by them. Whether their careers are in interior design, modeling, or the health industry, these discerning souls are also delighted to help others unlock their own inner beauty.

The PRS’ elegant aura can be intimidating to the less confident among us (it’s not easy to shine around someone who’s always so trim and fresh), but few people resent these gracious individuals who work hard at putting others at ease.

If PRSs have an air of royalty to them, it comes with the expectation that their partners will be of noble birth as well. Their ideal lovers are those who treat them with dignity, loyalty and commitment, and they will be rewarded in turn with lavish praise, affection and sensuality.