The Name Perry


  • Dynamic
  • Carnal
  • Punctual
  • Prissy
  • Demanding
  • Temperamental

About the Name Perry

The letter P bestows the PR names their sense of paternal power, while the randy, racy, romantic, ruddy, raring-to-go letter R evokes a distinct air of ribald ardor.

Together, these two letters create the strong implications of the masculine drive found in the words: primal, pride, preachy, prick, predictable, priest, prostate, protector, profound, prizefighter, provocateur, profane, and priapism (a condition of constant male arousal). So it’s no surprise that the names Pierre and Paris evoke images of a lean, romantic Frenchman with a fervor for all things carnal.

Perrys on the other hand – as if a little uncomfortable with this powerful libidinous association – terminate their names with the playful and high frequency letter Y.

The PRs’ passion for socializing permeates all aspects of t heir vigorously active lives. In fact the boundaries between the PRs’ work lives and social lives are so blurred that it’s difficult for anyone to tell the difference. Even when the PRs are relaxing they’re never really at rest. Everyone the y meet is a potential business associate, which is why PRs rarely forget names and faces. Conversely, PRs often look like they’re goofing off when they’re actually working.

With their intrinsic abilities to put people at ease, the PRs’ social skills are largely responsible for their successes. They will gladly take leadership roles in the workplace, but PRs tend to gravitate towards jobs in which their individual efforts can be more clearly recognized. They are ideal for careers in sales, design, entrepreneurship, teaching, and predictably… P.R. representatives.

The PRs’ tendency to be slaves to fashion is perhaps a comment on their need to feel accepted. They are at the height of their game when they are surrounded by admirers and feel disheartened when they sense the spotlight moving away. But routine and predictability are the PRs’ natural enemies, and it’s important for them to maintain autonomy in their work. Many PRs change jobs every three or four years just to hold ennui at bay.

Partnering a PR is not for the indecisive; it’s an all or nothing proposition. So if you’re the kind of person who expects to maintain your independence, you might want to keep on looking. Once hitched, the PRs’ lovers will find themselves at the center of an affectionate maelstrom, for like every thing else in life, they pursue their relationships with a never-say-die approach. And while it’s a pleasure to be on the receiving end of such efforts, prospective partners must be on the alert for an element of possessiveness in the PRs’ courtship.