The Name Orpah


  • Enthusiastic
  • Innovative
  • Authentic
  • Sarcastic
  • Temperamental
  • High-strung

About the Name Orpah

When the emotionally excitable letter O teams up with the romantic, red-blooded, and randy letter R, the resulting combination infects words with a profusion of passionate, fiery characteristics as found in the words: orgasm, oral, consort, corporeal, horny, orbs, orifice, and euphoric.

There are only two colors in the OR’s emotional makeup: red and black. Either they’re totally in love with you or they have absolutely no time for you. Not that they’d be boorish or impolite mind you, it’s just that their ardor takes up so much of their energy that they have very little oomph left over for casual relationships.

This also explains why people either love or hate them. So if you’re going to embark on an amorous adventure with an OR it’s advisable to show no sign of fear, for anything less than total passion and commitment from a partner is the OR’s bête-noir.

The ORs’ unconventional habits often land them in trouble in the workplace, which bothers them not in the least, for they are free thinkers and proud of their I- did-it-my-way style of problem solving. But there’s a touch of hypocrisy in their refusal to accept advice from others, for they’re the first ones to weigh in with their opinions even when they’re decidedly unwelcome. But while some may resent their pushy style, most are eventually charmed by their fiery passion for getting the job done.

In intimate relationships, the ORs’ quicksilver minds and fickle emotional structures can present quite a challenge to anything less than a type-A partner. It’s easy to misinterpret their quirky routines as being inconsistent, but the key to winning their hearts lies in unconditionally accepting the entire package. And if you think that their willingness to admit to their own shortcomings is a sign of an under-inflated ego -- you’d be dead wrong. In fact, they’re so confident of their value as human beings, they figure that even with all their faults, they’re still blue- ribbon prizes.

It takes a special individual to keep up with the ORs’ robust sexual appetites and the only medication they’re going to need in the bedroom will be aspirin for their partners. And even though ORs tend to mellow with age, their mates can still expect a lifetime of surprises. This can grow tiresome for the less adventurous who find themselves bobbing in the wake of the OR’s enthusiastic wavemaking, but the OR’s true love will enjoy every minute of it.