The Name Melody


  • In-Charge
  • Industrious
  • Tenacious
  • Uncommunicative
  • Dark
  • Unsettling

About the Name Melody

The letter M is the definitive symbol of the relationship between mother and child and is unambiguously associated with all that is maternal, motherly, and merciful.

The lyrical letter L -- with its benignly lilting tones -- has the power to soothe with its languid lullabies, which is why the combination of these two inviting letters creates the powerful feminine resonance found in the words: family, calmly, comely, female, milk, mellow, smile and warmly. The dignified , dapper, disciplined letter D adds element of distinction and itís surprising that these names are not more popular than they are. Only about 100,000 individuals in the U.S. bear an MLD nameÖ most of whom are over fifty years old.

If MLDs were animals, they would probably be giraffes. Noble in gait and countenance, these people lope through life with few natural enemies and no reason to make them. They are emotionally available , strong shouldered, and always ready to lend an ear to a friend.

The MLDsí social circles are expansive and refined, and the guest lists at their weddings would read like a Whoís Who. Itís the little extravagances -- Dom Perignon and lace doilies -- that give MLDs their reputation for being consummate hosts, but it must be said that they can be awfully picky about with whom they mix, particularly when it comes to their intimate relationships. Because MLDs would never dream of stooping below their station in life, they donít have all that many choices when it comes to marriage partners and must rely on introductions from mutual friends.

MLDs are also apt to show signs of being professional worrywarts; fretting about anything from bad weather to paying the bills. There is nothing so bad in their lives that MLDs couldnít imagine being worse, although the upside to being such worriers is that their lives are meticulously organized and carefully planned.

MLDs aren`t the adventurous type and would prefer it if their friends werenít either. They are conservative souls with an aversion to change and will usually stay in the same place and hold the same job for many years. Once again, there are benefits to these characteristics; the dependable MLDs become the center of gravity for their friends and loved ones.

The MLDsí marriage vows are taken seriously and they expect to be in it for the long haul (unless their partner doesnít reciprocate their fidelity). Children in the MLDís life almost always benefit from their parentís firmly rooted existence and will be raised in traditional, if somewhat predictable, style.