The Name Meg


  • Direct
  • Unpretentious
  • Well-meaning
  • Overbearing
  • Critical
  • Condescending

About the Name Meg

When the gruff letter G dominates a name it imbues it with a sense of beni gn determination. This is why words that begin with the G often denote the qualities found in goodness, grace, glory, God, governance and gentility . The letter M, on the other hand, as the initial letter (or key component) of the word mother in practically every language on earth, resonates with maternal compassion. It’s not surprising then that the MG combination occurs in female names significantly more often than in male names, or that they describe the inviting qualities found in the words magical, magnetic, marriage, mitigate, and massage .

In short, these are men and women who -- although they may advertise themselves as tender and caring – have a high sense of self-es teem that they will protect at all costs. Although they aren’t ones to stand out in a crowd, there’s a lot of depth to these uncommonly intelligent creatures, which will become apparent when you engage them in debates or ask them for advice. MG’s like to surprise people who underestimate them. So if they’re not making waves, don’t think be fooled into thinking that they’re not paddling.

Although MG people don’t have any great desire to lord it over others, they do have a need to be in control of their own lives and will even engage in one- upmanship if they sense that someone is getting the better of them. But it’s less of a competitive drive than it is a self-defense instinct and even though MGs will enjoy the occasional game of Scrabble or tennis, it’s never about winning. The game’s the thing.

If you’re floundering on a project that’s way past deadline, cross your fingers and hope your MG friend is around. These hardworking powerhouses love it when their advice is needed but you may well have to pay a price for their assistance. A token gesture will do, or better yet, a dose of the heartfelt admiration that MGs secretly crave.

Love and romance with an MG can be a one-sided affair, with the MG being a somewhat indifferent recipient of passion. Their personal spaces are so important to them that many partners will be unable to give them enough room to grow. Until the MGs’ hearts are touched by partners who demonstrate an understanding of their needs, their romances have little chance of becoming permanent. As a result, many MGs will have to wait until later in life before they settle down -- if it happens at all. If marriage isn’t in the cards MGs are likely to feel no great loss; their careers and creative endeavors are enough to keep them happily distracted.