The Name Marian


  • Demonstrative
  • Prudent
  • Emotive
  • Dependent
  • Subjective
  • Inconsistent

About the Name Marian

The letter M is the flagship of all things maternal, motherly and merciful and tends to infuse names with an aspect of nurturing femininity. The letter R, on the other hand, is the definitive symbol of extroverted sexuality, with its rolling tones conveying the romantic resonance found in the words racy, randy, ravishing, ruddy, and red. When these two passionate letters occur in the same name, they create the warmly sensual glow found in the words: summery, merry, gossamer, glamour, demure, murmur and shimmer. But thereís a shadow hanging over these names in the form of the negative letter N, which is responsible for the downbeats in the words: no, not, nonsense, never, nyet, nada, nix, nothing, and, nowhere. This explains where MRNs get their reputations for being easygoing, butals o known having distinct bites to their personalities.

When people describe MRNs as being successful, they arenít necessarily measuring them by conventional yardsticks. MRNs arenít the smartest, best looking or the most athletic people in the world; but they are clearly at peace with the universe and the role that it has allocated them.

MRNs arenít afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting into the messier aspects of humanity. Being more intelligent and compassionate than most, they are drawn to the medical fields where they often end up as doctors, nurses and counselors.

But just because they are unselfish, it doesnít follow that theyíre going to be unconditionally sympathetic. When their compassion runs into their common sense, youíll find they have little patience for people canít solve their own problems. They arenít going to stand on the shore while youíre wallowing in misery, theyíre liable to wade in and give you a swift kick in the swimsuit.

These are men and women who arenít afraid to speak their minds and will let you know what they think of you in no uncertain terms. But thereís nothing openly malicious about the way they deal with the rest of the world, and because they release their frustrations in small doses, it would be rare to find them actually erupting into fully-blown tantrums.

MRNs take to intimacy like fish take to water and it follows that married life is going to suit these affectionate people quite well. If, and when, problems arise itíll probably have something to do with the way they try to mold their partners into their own images of perfection (a problem common to many successful people).

Still, MRNs are quick learners and will prove to be extraordinarily adept at keeping their relationships on track.