The Name Margery


  • Fair
  • Sensible
  • Earthy
  • Pessimistic
  • Judgmental
  • Egotistical

About the Name Margery

The letter M is the flagship letter for all things warmly maternal, motherly and merciful. The letter R, on the other hand, is the icon for all things raffish and racy and initializes words like ribald, randy, raunchy, rapture, and ravish. It’s not surprising, therefore, that when the M and R come into close contact they evoke the romantic resonance found in the words: summer, glamour, demure, murmur, merry and shimmer. The letter G (or J) can be pronounced in two ways; each of which has diametrically opposite implications. The hard G is the symbol of gruff, grizzly, and grumbling, while the soft G (as it appears in these names) is the icon of all things genial, gentle, genuflection, and genuine. That’s why people who bear the feminine MRJ name root glide gently through life with a strong sense of justice coloring all their actions.

If these women have an uncommon sense of duty, it probably stems from their spiritual relationship to the universe. For most MRJs – even if not overtly religious – have rugged moral compasses and philosophies rooted in Karma. They believe that they can (and should) make a difference in the world, and often act as if they’re on some kind of preordained mission (even if it’s just keeping others on the straight and narrow). This is why MRJs don’t need to have hidden agendas.

They’re so confident they know what’s best for others that they’re often astonished – and even a little hurt – when people spurn heir advice.

MRJs aren’t out to make money for money’s sake in their professional lives.

Money would certainly be welcome – after all, they could always use another pair of sensible shoes – but like most people whose name s begin with an M, they have no plans to be topping any Forbes lists. Fortunately, there are good jobs out there for people who aren’t afraid of being a little bossy and MRJs function particularly well in workplaces in which their co-workers appreciate a mother-knows-best attitude. The fact that they’re nearly always right is a reflection of their down- home wisdom and common sense, but MRJs are not ones to lord it over others.

They’re just not the I told you so types.

Marriage and motherhood intersect perfectly with the MRJs’ practical and protective personalities. When it comes to home matters, their mates will appreciate the fact that they’ve got their feet planted so securely on the ground and will find there is no job so menial that their MRJ won’t give 100%. They might even be pleasantly surprised by their MRJs’ intermittent spicy advances.