The Name Mallory


  • Astute
  • Warm
  • Forgiving
  • Easily
  • hurt
  • Clinging

About the Name Mallory

The lyrical letter L – the symbol of life, liberty, love and laughter – has the power to soothe with its lyrically languid lilts. And when it occurs in words initialized by the motherly, maternal letter M, the resulting combination creates the calming resonance we find in: family, calmly, comely, female, mellifluous, milk, smile and warmly. It’s not surprising that these names evoke a spirit that is mild, mellow , and with a laid back sense of humor.

MLs are those people who always manage to find something redeeming in other people. It’s not that they’re wearing rose-colored glasses mind you, it’s just that their natural sensitivities and canny intuitions give them powerful insights into people’s motivations. MLs feel their way through life rather than thinking their way through it.

The flip side to these gentle personalities is that the MLs are easily hurt when they perceive ill-will -- even where there is no malicious intent. Some might even say that MLs are highly-strung and hypersensitive, but even if they are, their high level of emotional intelligence serves them well. And if they tend to take parental roles in their relationships, they’re just trying to reassure their friends that they really want what’s best for them.

When it comes to their professional lives MLs aren’t your typical corporate animals. Because it’s important to them to pack as much variety into their lives as possible, MLs aren’t known for their workplace stability, and like most people whose names begin with the letter M, have no real drive to make money for money’s sake. Because they’re happy forgo earning potential in lieu of creative freedom, they’re typically found in jobs with unusual flavors. If they had their druthers, they would prefer working with the public or with children.

The MLs’ need for diversity dominates their relationships and -- as potential suitors often discover -- the M in ML doesn’t stand for monogamy. This doesn’t mean that MLs are going around cheating on their partners; it’s just that these roving Romeos and Juliets will play the field for as long as they’re allowed to get away with it.

Ultimately, MLs know that there is nothing more important in life than their relationships. The self-appointed gardeners of the family tree, MLs are the ones that everyone goes to for news on the rest of the family. They’ll keep their small circle of friends close and their families even closer.