The Name Luther


  • Clear-headed
  • Steadfast
  • Dependable
  • Demanding
  • Self-absorbed
  • Holier-than-thou

About the Name Luther

The TH phoneme is usually associated with the spiritual aspects of the words theology, thoughtfulness, therapy, thinking, thespian, theism, and thankfulness.

And since the letter L is so connected to the noblest things in life ( love, laughter, learning, law, and loyalty ), these names evoke people whose deep moral idealism acts as a magnet to those seeking guidance. The LTHs’ lives are directed by a robust moral compass and they are unconditionally accepting of themselves and others.

LTH people love it when others ask them questions; for there`s nothing quite as satisfying as being able to dispense wisdom. Their pride in their intellect is not rooted in arrogance, mind you, for their essence is one of genuine concern for others, and never self-aggrandizement or condescension. In light of this, one can forgive their occasional tendency to moralize from their pulpits, even if it wears a little thin at times.

Goal-oriented LTHs never take the easy way out, particularly when it comes to their careers. There’s nothing like hard work to cleanse the soul… and if you can make a buck in the process, so much the better. And like most people whose names begin with the letter L, they’re probably going to earn oodles of money from their ventures. Even if they aren’t the highest paid people in their chosen fields, they’ll certainly invest their assets carefully and successfully.

LTHs tend to get uncomfortable when people probe their innermost feelings, preferring to hang back until the relationship has had time to mature. Once someone does make it into the LTHs’ inner lives, they tend to bond deeply and permanently. Getting married to an LTH may not be most exciting thing you’ll ever do but if you’re the type who’s drawn to a steady and dependable mate, then they’re the people for you.

Relationships in the LTHs’ world are strictly regulated according to their traditionalist ideals. But there’s a downside in being so optimistic about love.

LTHs have such a clear understanding of how they expect their marriages to play out that they project idealistic images onto their partners. The result is disenchantment when their mates can’t meet these standards. But even if things aren’t running smoothly in their primary relationships, nothing softens LTHs up like having their own offspring around. The role of doting parent was something they had been looking forward to from the time they were children themselves and they’ll attack the challenges of parenthood with the same gusto as exhibited in their professional lives.