The Name Luke


  • Compassionate
  • Kind
  • Sharp
  • Dark
  • Antagonistic
  • Single-Minded

About the Name Luke

The letter K is a powerful symbol of forceful action and always manages to inject a sense of masculinity into words and names in which it appears. Consider the words kick, knock, knuckle, crack, thwack, and smack. On the other hand, the letter L with its softly pronounced lyrical tones is the flagship of the highest expressions of human culture: love, life, laughter, liberty and learning. When the L and K get together in the same words, they create the sense of benign power found in: hulk, luck, flake, balk, bleak, sulk, and lock. This is why LK names are such an enigmatic mesh of conflicting personality traits: sensitive yet abrupt, altruistic but short-tempered, approachable and judgmental.

For these reasons it can be tough to discern an LK`s personality from a single encounter and he or she will continue to surprise you even after you`ve established a close relationship. Perhaps this is what makes LKs so intriguing and earns them the near universal admiration they enjoy. Conversely, it can be a little frustrating for those who have intimate relationships with LKs, because their ambiguous natures can leave you in totally in the dark as to their intentions. Even LKs themselves can`t be quite sure what they`re about and spend a lot of their lives in search of the ``right`` job or the ``perfect`` partner.

The LK can be described as someone who presides over the rest of humanity with cool indifference. Though not particularly aggressive, they consider it their place to sit in judgment on others and will secretly weigh the actions of their associates against their own standards. You might be surprised to know some of the things your LK friend has observed about you, but you needn`t worry that it will affect your friendship: loyalty is an LK hallmark characteristic.

LKs succeed in careers that require physical as well as intellectual stamina. Their active minds require constant stimulation if they`re to keep from getting bored and explains why they avoid routine as much as possible. LKs really come into their own when it comes to decision-making or problem-solving, and once they`ve been tasked with a job are unlikely to quit until it`s perfectly accomplished. Ask them a riddle and they`ll drive everyone nuts until they`ve cracked it.

LKs are not the types to fret about `finding someone`; figuring that if the fates want them to hook up then there`s not much they can do about it. So when it comes to having families, the paradoxical LKs might put it off for what seems like an eternity, until one day… boom. Marriage and children will follow in quick succession and the LK will live happily ever after (mostly).