The Name Liz


  • Wholesome
  • Unconventional
  • Original
  • Pushy
  • Sarcastic
  • Stubborn

About the Name Liz

When paired with the zany, zippy, zingy Z, the laid back letter L loses its laconic qualities and takes on the razorís edge that characterize most people whose names contain the letter Z. The LZsí modus operandi when it comes to dealing with difficult people is short, blunt and to-the-point; but if youíre fortunate to be in their good graces, youíll be treated like royalty.

You`ll be able to pick LZs out of the crowd by their quirky dress, irrepressible curiosity and the random firing of their brains (as evidenced by their inclination to jump from one subject to the next with dubious segues). But beware the patented LZ slicing which will be unleashed on everyone careless enough to step on their toes. But even they will admit that their sarcasm is a sign that theyíre just too lazy to talk things through, and no one should really think of them as mean-spirited.

Besides, they can take it as well as they can dish it out, and close friends understand that LZs banter because they love.

Routine is the LZsí worst enemy and they`ll fight tooth and nail to keep their daily routines from becoming predictable. Still, boredom dogs their lives and often overtakes them in middle age when the kids leave home and the career loses some of its luster. Even if LZs arenít the most assertive people in the world, they always seem to get their way by massaging relationships with those higher up the food chain. This technique serves them well in their careers where LZs prove to be formidable ladder climbers, if not the hardest workers in the cubicle Despite their bent for excitement, LZs can`t escape the call of the hearth and will choose settling-down over the freedom and opportunities of single-hood. But this certainly doesnít mean that theyíre going to lose their zeal for life. Once they get through their middle-age crises their unconventional natures will invariably reassert themselves.

Dating an LZ is a high-temperature experience characterized by a whirlwind courtship and passionate lovemaking. But LZs become wholly new animals under the influence of family and kids, and their children will be raised with the same open mind and liberal discipline that rules their own lives. In keeping with their belief that everyone should be encouraged to find his or her own way, LZsí will encourage their children to pursue untraditional careers -- if thatís whatís going to make them happy). In the LZsí scheme of things, the universe is simply too unpredictable to waste too much time planning for the future.