The Name Kurt


  • Straight-forward
  • Honest
  • Driven
  • Gruff
  • Temperamental
  • Aloof

About the Name Kurt

People whose names begin with the crisply cerebral letter C (or K sound) are very straightforward in their interactions with the universe. And when their names feature the equally abrupt letter T, you can expect them to be forthright, brusque and even a little bit demanding. These people are curt, certain, critical, and crotchety.

There`s something inherently clean-cut and noble about the CRTs. With their precise balance of self-discipline and foresight, they would make ideal Boy or Girl Scout leaders even if they`ll tend to keep an emotional distance from their charges.

The athletic and strong CRTs prefer team sports (which give them the opportunity to display their gift for motivating others) and can be quite competitive as long as no one is going to get hurt. Their easy laugh and dry sense of humor marks them as the person-to-be-invited to any social gathering.

CRTs are also the ideal people to have around when you`re running late on a deadline, mainly because they`re so skillful at prioritizing their schedules and cutting out excess work. Concrete planning is these peoples` modus operandi and they`re never without either an appointment book or a laptop to help them strategize their hectic lives. CRT people will always come through with their promises, get quickly to the point and to hell with the funny stuff. It`s not that they lack a sense of humor (for CRTs have an exceptionally wry wit), but when they do get down to business, their keen concentration manages to exclude all else.

Like most hyper-organized people, CRTs don`t take kindly to change. The status quo is the CRT`s refuge and anyone who threatens to rock the boat is treated with suspicion. So if you have any ideas about how things could be done differently, it would be better to keep them to yourself.

The easiest way to reach any CRT`s heart is to impress him or her with how responsible a citizen you can be. The CRT male is going to be most influenced by a female who doesn`t expect him to spend a lot of money, while the CRT female is attracted to men able to whip up a decent meal on a budget. All told, CRT mates are generous, loving and team-oriented, and are usually willing to rework their priorities for the benefit of the relationship.

Marriage and family are intrinsic parts of the CRTs` overall plan for their lives and they take to domestic life like ducks to orange-sauce. Children are welcomed into the CRTs` busy lives but will be forbidden to usurp their parent`s well-planned routines.