The Name Kirk


  • Talented
  • Outspoken
  • Communicative
  • Rash
  • Choosy
  • Unstable

About the Name Kirk

Dominated by the commanding letter K, an aura of strength, charisma and bluntness surrounds these names and suggests a motivated individual with a keen intellect. In the female names of this group we find the K`s masculine overtones modulated by the feminizing action of the high-pitched I or Y sounds (as in Kay, Kai and Kya) or the softening action of the S sound ( Kacy). Most male names -- as in Kirk -- utilize a double dose of the K and suggest a man especially comfortable with his masculinity.

While these aren`t the most romantic people you`ll ever meet they are amongst the most dependable and forthright souls in the universe. You`re also unlikely to sink into pessimism with a K around – not because they`re overly buoyant – but because they`re guided by reliable moral compasses and a solid grounding in compassion and altruism. Sure it`s an intellectual approach but this doesn`t mean that Ks are incapable of connecting emotionally. It`s just that in the war between their hearts and heads, their heads remain undefeated.

Surprising for such sensible people, Ks exhibit quite an artistic bent. This may take the form of a musical talent or perhaps a flair for decorating their homes with decidedly eclectic tastes. When it comes to their careers, the Ks` sharp minds make them attractive prospects for employers looking for responsible and motivated employees. But although people with K names have a higher than average probability of success in the arts and in professional sports, they don`t stand out when it comes to making big chunks of money. This could be due to the Ks` priorities being more attuned to what (they consider) to be the most important elements of life: having fun and exploring their universe.

When it comes to their intimate relationships, Ks are in high demand as marriage partners. Potential mates are drawn to their strength of character and unique blend of resourcefulness and creativity. But it should be noted that because Ks are creatures of independence who require an unusual amount of personal time, prospective partners are advised to give them time to recharge their emotional batteries.

Even though they`ll indulge in periodic bouts of solitude, Ks have a powerful need for emotional reassurance. This is why they are drawn to partners who are more sensitive than they are, and why most K marriages are a little lopsided in the power department. Still, they are remarkably good listeners and quite willing to share their most private thoughts. Parenthood comes naturally for these family-minded individuals and their offspring will find them to unconditionally loving -- if a little heavy-handed when it comes to discipline.