The Name Katie


  • Affectionate
  • Straightforward
  • Extroverted
  • Snappish
  • Quick-tempered
  • Changeable

About the Name Katie

The letters K and T are both pronounced with brittle and explosive tones. The letter K is the symbol of forceful action ( kick, kill, kidnap, knock, knuckle, and knife ) while the triumphant tones of the letter T convey a sense of truth, tradition, thankfulness, triumph, and toughness. This is why words incorporating both the K and T impart the no-nonsense grit seen in the words: knight, kinetic, knotty, kaput, kraut, kryptonite, backbite, and cockfight. These are hard-driven people who know how to get the things they want -- even if they don`t always know exactly what they want.

KTs have a reputation for sharp-tongued intelligence an nd an unhesitating dedication to `telling it like it is`. Their occasional caustic outbursts may intimidate casual observers, but those close to them know it to be a carefully cultivated ploy designed to keep people at arm`s length, KTs will reveal their extraordinarily sensitive hearts once you`ve proved yourself worthy of their emotional investment. This is why KTs spend most of their spare time with small groups of confidantes rather than hanging out with superficial air-kissing companions.

In their professional lives, the perfectionist KTs are driven by a powerful urge to shine. Whether this ambition is fueled by confidence or lack thereof, this kind of fierce resolve serves them well whether they choose science, arts or athletics. If they weren`t the ones in high school voted most likely to succeed, they almost certainly had an outstanding academic record or a role in varsity sports. But many KTs hold themselves to standards that are simply impossible to attain and these self-imposed stresses often result in a (difficult to diagnose) low self-esteem. But regardless of how they feel on the inside, KTs are experts at convincing people that they`re the outgoing and powerful personalities they really want to be.

Love, marriage and parenthood suit the KTs` industrious personalities quite well -- if they can lower their emotional walls enough to achieve true intimacy.

Like many people in charge of their own lives, letting go on a deep emotional level represents a surrender of power with which KTs simply aren`t comfortable. They prefer to operate from positions of emotional strength and their mates will have to able to roll with their sharp-tongued punches. Still, because there`s enough of a softie in every KT to want to be romanced, prospective suitors are advised not to take the KT`s nonchalance too literally.

When it comes to having children; KTs usually do it for the right reasons.

Instead of being motivated by a selfish desire to reproduce, they seem more interested in having genuine relationships with their children. Either way, the gene pool is definitely going to be improved.