The Name Judy


  • Pragmatic
  • Honest
  • Consistent
  • Stern
  • Bossy
  • Know-it-all

About the Name Judy

The judicious quality of the letter J takes on a distinctly more sober aspect when coupled with the darker aspects of the disciplined letter D. The JD phoneme presides over words like; prejudice, jeopardy, jaded, jihad, jailbird, jaundice, and judder -- all images we associate with disapproving judgment. Perhaps this is why JD people have reputations for being unyielding in their high expectations of themselves and their friends. It should be noted that because names that end with the letters I or Y tend to signify the more playful aspects of life ( silly, goofy, jolly, funny, happy, sunny, and zany ), the Judys, Jodies, and Jodys of the world will be appreciably more flexible the Judiths, Jadas, and Jeds.

In general, however, because JDs see things in such starkly black and white terms, they have a nose for rooting out -- and pointing out – any shortcomings their friends might have. It’s not that they necessarily want everyone to conform to their own worldviews; it’s that they believe all problems can be solved when taken in bite-sized logical chunks. So if you want technical advice on personal or business issues, by all means consult your JD friend. But if you’re just looking for a soft place to lay your head, you’re going to need a pillow.

That said; JDs manage to pull off their brand of judgmental behavior with a scrupulously maintained sense of fairness and honesty. If nothing else, you’ll never have to worry about your JD friend hiding anything from you. If you want a second opinion on your new hairstyle, you’d better be prepared to hear the truth.

As is common with most J-named people, JDs rarely resort to dishonesty or deceit to get what they want out of life. The reason they strongly disapprove of this sort of thing is because they’ve learned that candor – brutal as it may be – is the most effective tool for achieving their goals. Paradoxically, in terms of their careers, JDs avoid positions of authority because they also believe that life is best lived by unburdening oneself of responsibility whenever possible. But JDs are attracted to money and will do what must be done when funds are running low. These people know how to keep themselves busy; if they’re not hard at work, they’ll be the first to suggest taking a trip to Las Vegas.

The JDs’ relationships are chosen for their practical value rather than any madcap romantic notions, and partners will be carefully vetted for potential character flaws before any commitment is forthcoming. Expect their relationships to be stable and enduring affairs without a lot of frills and wild romance. If there’s an exception, it’s going to involve the Jodys and Judys of this world whose relationships almost always exhibit a level of volatility and experimentation.