The Name Jimmy


  • Stable
  • Bright
  • Talented
  • Boring
  • Unfocused
  • Condescending

About the Name Jimmy

With almost four million individuals bearing some form of a JM name, this group is by far the most popular in North America. Perhaps it has something to do with the judicious, judgmental, and justice-loving letter J and the letter M’s close association with all that is maternal, motherly and merciful. These names herald personalities of uncommon strength and compassion and JMs are statistically better prepared for life success than almost any other name. It should be noted that words ending with the high-pitched letters ( Y and IE) are associated with all things funny, sunny, silly, goofy, spry, happy, and zany, and the Jimmy and Jaymies of the world are consequently a lot more approachable and a little less predictable.

There’s a sense of self-satisfaction (and even a hint of smugness) associated with JM names. And even though they’re not the types to throw their weight around, they are usually granted authority over their social groups. People naturally defer to their laid-back style of leadership and JMs often emerge as pillars of their communities. They may not be particularly big on finesse, but are certainly open- minded and generous to a fault.

If you know any JMs, you’re probably familiar with their mysterious way of ending up at the top of the food chain. Not in the dominating sense – for these are remarkably easygoing people – but in the way they seem to know which buttons to push to get what they want. These were the kids whose science projects actually worked and whose show-and-tell made everyone sit up and take notice.

It’s often said that JMs refuse to grow up, and in truth, many of them seem to have a childlike curiosity and a knack for learning new skills. They are secretly very competitive people who see life in terms of winning and losing, so don’t expect them to be graceful losers. They simply don’t get much practice.

JMs have an excellent set of language skills and it’s difficult to compete with them when they’re in one of their persuasive moods. They certainly aren’t shy about plying their influence to get what they want, but it would be unfair to label them as manipulative. Then again, JMs don’t give a hoot about labels and aren’t going to object in any case.

JMs can also be downright shmoozy when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex and will play the field while pondering about getting hitched. And, although settling down may be a long time coming, once they`ve made their decision, JMs will waste little time getting to the child-rearing stage. Like most people whose names incorporate the maternal letter M, nothing pleases JMs more than being able to nurture, teach and influence their offspring.