The Name Jake


  • Irrepressible
  • Daring
  • Original
  • Unpredictable
  • Rebellious
  • Stubborn

About the Name Jake

Names dominated by the letter K – the letter of forceful action – tend to denote the vigorous masculine power found in the words: kick, knock, knuckle, knife, kill, keen and king. And because the letter J is usually associated with people of considerable self-control, these names suggest those who walk softly and carry substantial sticks. JK people can be a bit like those sour candies with sugary centers: you have to put up with a bit of mouth-puckering before getting to the sweet reward. Perhaps because of the inherent power in this root, many JKs find refuge in the youthful names Jackie, Jacoby, and Jacqui, which imply the childlike energy found in the words: happy, funny, goofy, jolly, and zany.

At first blush these people may appear to be a breed of the strong silent type, for they’re not your typical small-talkers and tend to keep their deeper emotional issues under wraps. This is why many people are surprised to uncover the JKs’ sensitive underbelly that colors their existence and enriches their relationships.

Although they can hold their own in just about any social setting, JKs are drawn to the inherent simplicity of small and tightly knit social groups.

Unpredictable, but never reckless, JKs have a trademark charm that makes for trouble-free friendships. But the downside to flitting in and out of casual relationships – as JKs are apt to do -- is that it tends to provoke jealousy and create as many enemies as it does allies. And if it’s true that people either love them or hate them, it eminently suits the JK’s own black and white view of the world.

When it comes to their careers, JKs are tactile people who are often found in jobs that require hand to eye coordination. But many JKs opt for a more aggressive approach in their professional lives, where they prove to be fierce competitors with an extraordinary will to win. With their strong belief in justice, these people live their lives in accordance to their own moral codes and aren’t afraid of old- fashioned work. But because they’re ultimately mavericks at heart -- and because they honestly believe they know what’s best – JKs often end up clashing with authority and must be mindful not to tread on anyone on the way up, lest they meet them again on the way down.

The JKs’ approach to their relationships can be similarly intense, and when they’ve set their sights on prospective partners there’s little doubt in their minds that they’re going to prevail. It could even be said that love and marriage are simply extensions of their gotta-come-out-on-top strategy and their hunting instincts are so strong that their finest relationships only come about when their prey puts up a decent fight.