The Name Hudson


  • Energetic
  • Positive
  • Intelligent
  • Unfocused
  • Dissatisfied
  • Restless

About the Name Hudson

People whose names begin with the hushed, harmonious tones of the letter H are usually associated with genteel and laid-back personalities who would never think of using intimidation to accumulate their resources. And since these names incorporate the dignified, dapper, disciplined qualities of the letter D, one also expects to find a strong sense of destiny characterizing all of their life decisions.

While HDs are not the most spontaneous of individuals, they do exhibit a contagious verve that makes them perfect recreational partners and party planners.

Their natural cheerleading attributes also make them ideal for mobilizing people toward a common goal. But few HD s are comfortable in front of large crowds and, for the most part, prefer to remain behind the scenes and control events from the wings. HD people tend to be very involved in the lives of people around them and are not shy about voicing their opinions, solicited or not. But it’s hard to get too peeved at someone with such an impish senses of humor.

Co-workers might initially feel something vaguely deceptive about these individuals—not because they’re dishonest or manipulative -- but because they so often appear to be lost in thought. This taciturn exterior masks a great intelligence and a remarkable ability to perform under pressure, so it would be a mistake to underestimate the HDs’ competitive drive. They can easily outclass their more aggressive and pushy colleagues and are usually the go-to-guys on those difficult projects that no one else wants to tackle.

As lovers, HDs are typically drawn towards casual companionship rather than to torrid romances. To them, intimacy is just friendship carried one step further and, while this apparent lack of passion might put off potential mates, HDs are far from cold: they’re just very choosy. Once their relationships have had time to mature, their exterior coolness melts away to reveal someone whose sexuality is deeply connected to a desire to please. Submissive? Perhaps. But more likely HDs are driven simply by their altruistic impulses and their belief in karma.

HDs are usually not overly anxious to become parents and will often wait until later in life to take this step. It’s not that they don’t like children, mind you, it’s just that because they have such grand plans for their own lives, they’re willing to delay their family obligations until their nests have been fully feathered.