The Name Hercules


  • Faithful
  • Loving
  • Companionable
  • Temperamental
  • Unpredictable
  • Oversensitive

About the Name Hercules

When a name begins with the hushed tones of the helpful letter H, and has the good fortune to incorporate the letter of life, liberty, love, learning, and loyalty, it’s a sure indication that the resulting personalities will reflect the gracious characteristics of the words: help, hello, holy, halo, hallowed, shalom, homily, healthy, and humble. While these aren’t exactly cheerleader-types, you could say that HLs are more optimistic that a Britney Spears’ ballad.

HLs usually keep themselves trim and fit, and have well developed tastes for the finer things in life. In the workplace, they are predictably upbeat and positive and can always be counted on to inspire their coworkers. They tackle challenges with verve, and overcome them with finesse; traits that serve them well in all their business endeavors. Being such social creatures, HLs seem equally happy when they’re in charge of the factory or just being cogs in its machine… just as long as they don’t have to work alone.

As courteous as HLs may be, they find there’s nothing as satisfying as a good old- fashioned argument. Not one of those hotheaded and provocative kinds, mind you, but a lazy ill-defined debate over some mundane issue. And if they don’t seem to care who wins these arguments, don’t think it’s because they give up easily. They will fight the good fight long after everyone else has thrown their towels into the ring, and failure simply doesn’t faze them in the l east. This is why HLs do so well as lawyers and CPAs: they’re sticklers for accuracy and take pleasure in niggling over the details.

Although HLs project a consistently reassuring calm, they have their dark sides too… a slow-burning fuse on their tempers that can blind-side even those who know them best. But no one can really begrudge them this occasional release of pressure, and once the storm has blown itself out, they prove to be experts in making up. But be cautious about crossing your HL friend. Their sense of justice runs deep, and they’re not above giving Karma a helping hand in hauling a betrayer over the coals. You’ll not only get the guilt trip, but the entire vacation package before being allowed back in their good graces.

When HLs decide to settle down, they’ll do it with style an d permanence. There may be a few false starts here and there, but once they accept that there is no such thing as a perfect mate, they’ll direct all their energies into constructing a mutually rewarding union.