The Name Hannah


  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Forward-thinking
  • Dull
  • Hardheaded
  • Closed

About the Name Hannah

Although the letter N is strongly connected with all things negative (no, not, never, nyet, nix, naught, nein, nada ), when it occurs in words initialized by the happy and hushed tones of the letter H, its pessimistic tones are converted to the warmly nurturing aspects found in the words: honey, harmony, honor, honesty, Hanukkah, handy and hunky-dory. These are names that exude a sense of forthright dependability while still managing to retain their element of mystery.

Still, if you’ve ever known an HN, you know the meaning of the word stubborn.

These are people who simply cannot to take no for an answer, whether it’s in their jobs, their relationships, or a losing hand of poker. Yet their hard-headedness is somehow endearing and, even if your HN friends may resort to blustering to get their way, they usually have your best interests in mind. The HNs’ hearts are as pliant as their exteriors are tough, and people who manage to get close to them are rarely disappointed by their uncommon generosity of spirit.

Their uncompromising dispositions can mean that HNs are tough to work with, but the payoffs are usually well worth the effort. As business leaders and entrepreneurs, HNs have few equals, and even though they may taste failure on occasion, they have the gumption to rally themselves until they get it right. The HN’s co-workers and employees respect this kind of stick-to-it-iveness and are usually willing to overlook the HN’s pedantic approach to life.

HNs are private about their relationships and resent outside intrusion into their affairs. So to successfully partner an HN, you’ll need a blend of patience, imagination and independence. Although they crave the closeness that comes from being attached at the hip, they will require plenty of room in which to experiment and explore. But at the end of the day, these are stay-at-home types who enjoy those lazy routines of backrubs and breakfast in bed. You can always count on your HN partners to be consistently conventional in their approach to both courtship and marriage.

HNs will also be focused on the practical issues of their relationships: 401Ks, property values, and mortgage rates. But if there are going to problems in your dealings with your HN mate, its source will probably be that annoying stubborn streak that crops up at the most inopportune times. And since there’s no getting around it, you’ll find giving in to their demands to be the most effective solution.

HNs are willing to compromise as long as they get what they’ve always wanted: undying respect and admiration from the ones they love.