The Name Gene


  • Giving
  • Fun-loving
  • Truthful
  • Unpredictable
  • Blunt
  • Gullible

About the Name Gene

When a name begins with the soft pronunciation of the letter G (as in genuflect, genteel, and genuine ), and is also colored by the nurturing qualities of the letter N, it suggests an authentically generous and genial individual. However, the letter N is also associated with negativity -- as in, no, nonsense, not, never, and naah. So while GN people may exude an altruistic spirit, there’s an element of dark mystery that underlies their motivations. If the GN were a drink, he or she would be a gin and tonic: effervescent and bubbly, but with an intoxicating kick.

GNs love to laugh and can’t seem to enjoy themselves unless everyone around them is laughing as well. They’ll call on their natural vitality to help them become the life of the party, and succeed so well that it’s nigh on unthinkable to have a social event without them. But although they are almost always surrounded with people who share their party-animal bent, they’ll limit their lifelong intimacies to a select few.

The impish GNs cherish the element of surprise. Nothing is too unusual or far-out to try; especially when it comes to their travels where they’ll usually end up in funky, non-touristy locations to get to know the locals. Their love of the novel rules their work lives as well and GNs will often switch careers several times before finding a combination that works.

The best careers for GNs should be those geared towards their ability to work well with people; perhaps in customer service, medicine, retail or education. And although most of the time, coworkers will experience the personable side of the softly spoken GNs, woe betide those who assume a familiarity with them that oversteps their boundaries. The GNs’ sense of humor doesn’t encompass laughter directed at themselves.

If there’s anything that’s going to slow the GNs down, it’s that annoying tendency to lose focus when it comes to making big decisions. Perhaps out of fear in making the wrong choices, they have a habit of procrastinating until the last possible moment, and at no time will this be more evident than when it comes to choosing a mate. The interviewee will have to undergo a battery of tests and an unnerving period of indecision before the GN finally passes judgment. But the wait may prove to be worthwhile, for a relationship with these outgoing individuals is bound to be an intensely passionate adventure.