The Name Gary


  • Strong
  • Sophisticated
  • Unyielding
  • Duplicitous
  • Impatient
  • Tricky

About the Name Gary

When an aggressive dog admonishes its potential rivals, it retracts its upper lip and produces a low-frequency snarl that all animals instinctively recognize as a threat signal. This is why so many English words that contain both a G and an R have a distinct aura of menace: grumble, grouchy, gruff, grim, grievous and grizzly. In fact, when humans pronounce the GR sound, they tend to pull back their upper lip to reveal their teeth as well.

So donít be fooled when your GR friend appears to be terse and disinterested; for this cool outer shell belies an intensely involved individual whose ears are very open and whose antennae constantly tuned to the social hum. GRs will often come out with some surprisingly astute observations about the conversation after spending an evening in the company of friends, during which, they seemed to be fully involved in their own world. This trait -- often mistaken for intuition -- reflects the fundamental common sense that is at the core of the GRís emotional makeup.

When choosing a career, the GRsí major goals are to find positions that allow them to be in charge; or at least permit them to work on their own. But itís in running their own businesses that GRs really shine, for they possess the kind of take-charge attitude that inspires respect and loyalty. But make no mistakeÖ working for a GR can whip even the most reticent employee into shape. Anyone caught shirking their duties -- if they`re lucky enough to keep their job -- will suffer the unwelcome storm of an angry GR.

Underlying the GRís brusque relationship with the universe is an extraordinary self-confidence. When things go wrong, GRs are so certain of their ability to land on their feet, that theyíre completely unafraid of putting themselves in risky situations. This self-assuredness is not born of arrogance; these people unquestionably have the walk that comes with their talk.

So although the GRís gifts may not lie in the area of empathetic friendship, they have their own ways of showing that they care about others. If you have a GR at your side, youíll never lack for a staunch defender when thereís a battle to be won.

Their loyalty need never be second-guessed... the whole world could accuse you of a crime and the GR would be standing by you to vouch for your innocence. Their innate love for a good fight and their reluctance to accept failure makes them eminently desirable employees and love-partners.