The Name Fred


  • Intuitive
  • Colorful
  • Verbal
  • Superficial
  • Volatile
  • Caustic

About the Name Fred

When the flirtatious letter F gets together with the randy, racy and romantic letter R, it creates the unmistakably refreshing and breezy combination found in the words: friendly, frolic, frenzy, fresh, frank, free, frothy, frilly, frisky and frivolous.

On the other hand, the letter D is the definitive letter of dignified discipline and its upstanding forthrightness contributes an air of respectability to these otherwise flighty names.

FRDs who choose the IE or Y ending (Freddy and Ferdie ) tend to project a more playful persona, while names that incorporate the dynamic letter K (Fredrick, Fredricka ), exhibit a more forceful aspect.

But all FRDs know how to have a good time and love nothing better than entertaining… and being entertained. These restless people have an unusual mélange of enthusiasm and cynicism, which acts as a magnet to their eclectic group of hangers-on. The FRDs` trademark dry sense of humor often leaves people to speculate a little uneasily if they really mean what they say, but FRDs aren`t likely to give up on their edgy wit. Keeping people off-balance gives them a sense of control (and is fun besides). The uses are multi-talented and keenly intelligent spirit s, and FRDs can be found in a wide variety of careers. This is in spite of the fact the FRDs tend to perform poorly informal education environments. Simply put, FRDs hate school. But this doesn`t mean that FRDs aren`t bright or ambitious, and when sufficiently motivated, will prove to be reliable and diligent employees. They`ll mostly eschew manual labor in favor of white-collar jobs, but with their tendency to activate their tongues before engaging their sharp minds, are sometimes written off as flippant or inconsequential. But as long as FRDs are made to feel that their contributions are appreciated, they`ll knuckle down and do what`s needed for the team. Since they enjoy intellectual challenges, they also make ideal lawyers and arbitrators.

When it comes to their romancing styles, FRD s often prove to be somewhat erratic. The problem stems from their habit for evaluating potential relationships based on physical attraction alone… ignoring issues of compatibility and shared values. And just because FRDs may be smothering and obsessive when they`re in love, be aware that they can fall out of love without any prior symptoms. If you`re dating a FRD, don`t bother looking for signs that their attention may be wandering; just make sure that you`re occupying their time with plenty of interesting events and copious physical attention.