The Name Frank


  • Truthful
  • Outspoken
  • Charismatic
  • Blunt
  • Frazzled
  • Dark

About the Name Frank

When the flirtatious letter F gets together with the randy, racy and romantic letter R, it creates a combination that is undeniably refreshing and breezy. We can see these effects in the words: frolic, frenzy, fresh, frank, free, frothy, frilly, frisky and frivolous. However, the sobering effects of the letter N and letter K (or hard C) stand in sharp relief to the friendly FR combination. For the N is the symbol of all things negative (no, not, never, nada, nix, naught, and nowhere ), and the K sound is the icon of aggressive action ( kick, cutting, crash, kill, kidnap, knife, and knuckle ). This is why the NK sound terminates so many discordant words: skunk, dank, tank, spank, prank, stunk, junk, clank, flunk, and punk. But it`s Some women (Frankie and Franky ) take the edge off the NK sound with the feminizing IE or Y, giving their names a distinctly more spunky, kinky, and slinky flavor.

All told, FRNKs are those confident, self-assured, and outgoing types who get a kick just out of being alive. But few people would deny that there`s also a dark side to these complex souls, whether it takes the form of control issues, pessimism, mood swings or even a weakness for chemical dependency. Happily, no matter how this dark side manifests itself, people are so strongly drawn to the FRNKs` the ebullient spirit that they`ll often give them more leeway than they deserve.

FRNKs appreciate this kind of unconditional acceptance and return the favor by being correspondingly devoted to their friends.

Busi ness and corporate pursuits integrate well into the FRNK personality, but only if they`re given the freedom to ferment their creative juices. Perhaps this is why so many FRNKs are drawn to the arts… whether it`s acting, music, cooking or writing. Although FRNKs are sometimes accused of having their heads in the clouds, they more than make up for it with their frenetic energy and charming appeal. FRNKs work well under pressure, which is a good thing since they are often responsible for putting themselves under stress in the first place.

Consequently, FRNKs suffer a little more anxiety than the rest of the population.

FRNKs aren`t renowned for their cool logic, so it`s best for them to live alongside someone who`s relatively organized and calm. The FRNK`s combative style of communication can be quite intimidating, and lovers may find themselves to be pushed around unless they take strong stands on important issues. Don`t let the FRNKs` growling manner discourage you though… they will bark just as loudly in your defense.

Frank Sinatra Known in entertainment circles as the Chairman of the Board - - and to everyone else as Ol` Blue Eyes -- Frank Sinatra became a mega-international star who made ladies swoon and men jealous. With his understated crooning singing style -- which everyone imitated but none could emulate -- he sold millions of records. Frank also starred in countless films sang to packed stadiums, romanced the beauty-queens of his day, and counted among his friends the rich, the powerful, and (allegedly) the Mafia.

Frank`s father was a fireman who gave his son his street smarts, while his mother was an Italian-born matriarch with an iron will. The word on the street was that she would perform abortions for girls in trouble… something that was not uncommon in working- class Hoboken, New Jersey, where Frank grew up. Without finishing high school, Frank took a job waiting tables and singing at a roadhouse before getting a break with The Harry James Band in 1939. It wasn`t long before girls were lining up to watch Frank flash his baby- blues.

Over the next fifty years of his career, Frank proceeded to become nothing less than a legend; with songs like My Way, New York, New York, Chicago, The Lady is a Tramp, and Strangers in the Night.

Even today, there are few men or women who don`t recognize his inimitable voice and style.

POWER RATING: C| SEX APPEAL: B+| CAREER SUCCESS: C+ romperaquilalinearomperaquilalinearomperaquilalinearomperaquilalinearomperaquilalinearomperaquilalineromperaquilalinearomperaquilalinearomperaquilalinearomper The letter F is the icon of all things friendly, flirtatious, fresh, folksy and fun- loving, and when it encounters the high-minded TH phoneme, some interesting traits begin to emerge. The TH combination is responsible for the spiritually uplifting sounds found in the words: truth, theological, thankful, thoughtful, thorough, theory, hearth, health, thespian, and theater. So it`s not surprising that the FTH names evoke the moral principles of the words faith, father and Haftorah (the holy book of the Jews). FTH people drift placidly through life with a reserved air and longsuffering expressions. While they undoubtedly have the strength of character to ensure success, they are not particularly competitive or highly motivated when it comes to financial issues.

These are people whose characters are built on rock and -- with this kind of inherent stability -- many FTHs find themselves acting as a pillar of support for their wide circle of family and friends. Their career choices tend to reflect this quiet constancy, and it`s common to find FTHs working as teachers, librarians, or in public service positions. When FTHs allow their creative sides to come into play, it will probably take the form of writing, cooking, music or literature. But no matter how they choose to express themselves, you can be sure their art will reflect their conservative and moralistic bent.

You can count on F THs for honesty and straight - shooting; for these aren`t the sort to beat around the bush when it comes to resolving the conflict. Though it`s true they are good listeners, they can also talk up a storm with the best of them and their first instincts are to jump in with protracted advice (they love telling people what to do).

FTHs are sometimes better served by standing aside and letting people figure things out in their own time.

Provided their feelings are being reciprocated, FTHs will be exceptionally devoted friends and lovers. So if you`re not the type who appreciates the value of commitment, it`s best to step aside and let them find what they need. And if you do break up, chances are you`ll be the one doing the dirty work. FTHs don`t like getting their hands dirty and have a tendency to withdraw when it comes to awkward emotional issues. But when happily ensconce d in a reciprocal relationship, she will be very family-oriented, and her home will be a comfortable haven for family and any strays that come along.