The Name Elizabeth


  • Refined
  • Soft-spoken
  • Positive
  • Petty
  • Snobbish
  • Manipulative

About the Name Elizabeth

Is there’s something about the ELZ names that would explain their extraordinary popularity over the centuries? It may have something to do with the elegant and elusive qualities of the EL letter combination, which can be seen in the words : elastic, elevate, elfish, élan, elite, elixir, and eloquent. For when it’s teamed up with the zany and zippy qualities of the letter Z, these names are suffused with an original and invigorating air. But for all their flair, there’s a decided aloofness about people who insist on being called by their full four-syllabled name ( Elizabeth ), instead of the more obliging and manageable Liz.

The ELZ is not someone you’d call up out of the blue to join you for a night on the town. It takes a little more effort than that to socialize with these refined types who work hard at keeping up formal appearances. You might even affectionately describe them as being pretentious, but calling the m arrogant would be too unfair.

They certainly get a kick out of viewing the world from atop their well-groomed high horses, but they also not afraid to get down in the mud as well. Sometimes though, their self-imposed distances can isolate the ELZs , who can’t hide forever behind their decorous façades.

Affairs of the heart often prove to be tangled skeins from which they have difficulty extricating themselves. Their complex moods and emotions make it difficult for them to open up and many are destined to search for a long time before finding appropriate matches. Unfortunately, there’s no road map for those planning on having a love affair with an ELZ, and suitors will be expected to put up with a number of bewildering twists and turns if they expect to receive the ELZ’ prize of unconditional love and affection.

These are well-dressed women who excel in all manner of creative careers, and their personal styles are often reflected in their work output. They also like to tailor their careers to fit their own needs. Whether this stems from a sense of entitlement or simply from an inner confidence, ELZs do have a knack of being able to find the most agreeable jobs. And once they’ve made themselves indispensable to their employers, they’ll usually set about rewriting their job descriptions to make things even more comfortable. This isn’t always a bad thing for the business, mind you, for when ELZs are given the freedom to create, they are certainly productive.

An ELZ’s home is, more often than not, tastefully decorated with just the right balance of classic and contemporary styles. And as much as this doting mother will adore her children, they can expect to be well disciplined if they are to fit into her decorous world.