The Name Dolly


  • Contemporary
  • Spirited
  • Impulsive
  • Frustrated
  • Overconfident
  • Impatient

About the Name Dolly

The dignified, dapper, and sometimes dark, letter D instills names with a conservative and traditional air. But names featuring the DL letter combination are saved from tedium by the diametrically opposed L – the letter of love, laughter, life, liberty, and learning. The bright combination gives rise to words that exhibit the benign and devoted tones found in: delightful, delirious, delicate, docile, idol, fondle, and kindly. It should be noted that those whose names end with the sexy, sensual, and sultry letter S, ( Delores and Dallas ), exhibit an even more delicious personality than most. As is typical of names featuring letters with opposite inferences, there is a distinct duality to the DL personalities that manifests itself in a variety of ways… There’s the diligent and driven aspect of the DLs’ character (which reveals itself in their careers and casual friendships) and there’s the laid-back romantic side that percolates through in their intimate relationships. But in both cases, the DLs’ salient trait is a firm grounding in reality: no matter how fanciful their dreams, they usually adhere to their internal budgets and will rarely overspend -- financially or emotionally.

To know a DL is to have a ready source of laughter; relaxed, flexible and fun- loving in their personal lives, DLs make a delightful addition to any circle of friends. Their strong physiques and ready sense of adventure often put DLs in pioneering, outdoorsy activities such as surfing, climbing, extreme skiing or skydiving. They need an outlet for their overflowing energies and are adept at finding stimulating opportunities to play.

In their work lives, however, DLs are another story. Co-workers quickly learn to recognize the focused look that flashes in the DLs’ eyes when engrossed in a project -- a warning to stay out of their way until the job is done. Rather than be sidetracked by the distractions that come with socializing, DLs would rather work on their own. They have a need to be in control of their work environments and will gladly accept responsibility for both their successes and failures.

Although settling down may not be high on their list of priorities, DLs tend to fall in love when they least expect it -- and usually with partners who share their love for learning and philosophy. Anyone that ends up cohabiting with DLs will find that even though they are prone to periods of dark moods, the DLs’ essence is one of unrestrained dependability.