The Name Didi


  • Kind
  • Supportive
  • Obliging
  • Disturbed
  • Shy
  • Escapist

About the Name Didi

The dignified and daring letter D casts its dominating shadow over the names it initializes and instills a distinct sense of someone with dynamic drive. The DD names -- influenced by a double dose of the vigorous D – suggest people in whose hidden depths any number of demons might lurk. Don’t let their intensity put you off though, for with great passion come great works. When DDs are allowed to express their prodigious energies, there are no limits to the feats they can accomplish.

No matter what their personal convictions or political leanings are, those with double D names are almost always direct and honest and somehow manage to see right through the games other people play. Not ones to beat around the bush, they are quick to condemn activities they find frivolous -- and “frivolous” to the DD is anything that doesn’t address the great mysteries of life. Their spare time will likely be spent pursuing their music, art, philosophy or religion (they are constantly revamping their theories of the world in their search for the authentic), and with all their soul-searching, DDs have an extraordinary range of conversation topics and know just enough to debate any issue over a round of cocktails. Perhaps this is why the DD is on everyone’s invitation list… and why DDs have such an eclectic band of friends.

Always reluctant to completely commit to a particular job, DDs may wander indefinitely before settling into steady careers. But when they do finally pledge their loyalty to a particular employer, they seem to care less about the amount of money they’re going to earn than the validity of the work itself. It’s not that they aren’t practical about money issues, but since they recognize they have only one life to live, they believe it should be lived in a socially responsible way. Maybe this explains why so many DD s are drawn to social work, teaching, and the medical fields.

When it comes to their intimate relationships, DDs know exactly what they want and aren’t going to be put off by a few rejections here and there. But romance presents some danger for DDs when they become involved with partners who cannot (or will not) reciprocate the DDs’ feelings. In these cases, DDs are prone to compulsive fantasizing, which results in obsessive, unbalanced unions. But when DDs carefully manage to negotiate the landscape of their relationship choices, their unions have the potential to become great works of art.