The Name Dick


  • Dynamic
  • Capable
  • Loyal
  • Power-absorbed
  • Restless
  • Self-serving

About the Name Dick

There’s a decided difference in the makeup of people who choose to use the name Dick over the more sophisticated Richard. DKs prefer the masculine edges in their names – the same qualities that spawn the manly words: Dukes (fists), dirk (dagger), Drake (a male goose), dike, and deck (to fell). Of particular interest is the way some of these names are invigorated by the addition of the racy, randy, and ribald letter R (Derek, Darrick, Drake and Dirk). In the film Boogie Nights, the lead character, Eddie, felt that his name was holding back his career as a male porn star. After changing it to Dirk Diggler, his career took a decided turn for the better.

Notwithstanding the intimidating presence of these names, DK people exhibit a steady fairness and protectiveness towards those whom they love. Their stoic temperaments allow them to handle stressful situations without any outer signs of emotional overload, and their unruffled air proves to be quite useful in their careers. Their strong sense of self-preservation, coupled with their steely nerves, makes them perfect spies or FBI agents; but mostly, DKs use their strong personalities to make friends and influence people. Whether it’s in politics, sales or management, they typically earn more money than most people.

In their personal communications, DKs are men and women of few words and have a distinct tendency towards bluntness. And if you’re tempted to think of them as dogs that are all bark and no bite… DKs are definitely not those dogs. When sufficiently roused, they’ll exhibit a temper that can take chunks out of a lesser ego, and the only way to handle DKs in this inflamed state is from the working end of a ten-foot pole.

Having DKs as friends can be tiresome at times because of their kinetic mode of existence. They’re always out too late, never in one place for long enough, and can not unwind without a little libation. But take heart. There will be times when you’ll be able to settle into some gentle petting with a companion who’s had a lot of practice in making up after a fight.

This is why the DKs’ most successful relationships are with perceptive and no- nonsense types, who will give them room to rage and not dissolve under the weight of their bluster. They won’t make the mistake of messing with the DKs’ ideals either; knowing full well that DKs are fierce defenders of their beliefs. Such partners will reap the rewards that come with having such an extraordinarily vigorous and capable mate.