The Name David


  • Resourceful
  • Intelligent
  • Unassuming
  • Self-Centered
  • Voyeuristic
  • Misunderstood

About the Name David

When the dashingly debonair letter D is followed by the letter of virility, voluptuousness, virtue, and virulence, it suggests the intriguing (and somewhat volatile) sexuality found in the words: divine, devilish, devoted, devour, deviant, ladylove, seductive, dervish, and depraved. These are the passionate qualities we come to expect from the Davids, Devons, and Donovans of the world, who could be described as being fists in velvet gloves.

One of the surest traits of these idiosyncratic individuals is that they’ll immediately destroy whatever pigeonhole they’ve been assigned to… and because they so strongly resent being stereotyped; they’re not going to be particularly happy with this personality analysis. But if you were going to pick one thing that sets them apart, it would have to have something to do with their ability to take advantage of those fleeting opportunities that most of us miss: if it were raining gravy, they’d be out there with a frying pan. This is just one consequence of having a quick mind (even if it’s not any bigger than the rest of ours).

DVs are drawn to outdoor activities and attack challenging physical tasks with gusto. Obstacles are met with stoic resolve and a healthy dose of humor, and since they tend to dismiss the expectations that society places upon them, their career choices are usually off the beaten path. However, like most people whose names begin with the letter D, they are invariably successful in the workplace and are amongst the top wage earners in their social groups. Because they are somewhat unconventional in their approach to work, they have an inclination towards impatience when rules and procedures get in the way. Perhaps this sheds some light on why DVs are so often at odds with authority.

When it comes to relationships, DVs have a great capacity to bond. They’re known for forming friendships that endure for lifetimes, but when it comes to those special intimate relationships, it will take a unique partner to keep up with their robust sexual appetites. And even though DVs tend to mellow with age, mates can still expect a lifetime of surprises. This often proves tiresome for the less adventurous, who find themselves bobbing in the wake of the DVs’ enthusiastic wave-making.

Children -- although not always welcome additions to the DVs’ busy lives -- will be challenged to broaden their intellectual horizons. Chances are that their kids will quickly figure out a way around their parent’s somewhat heavy-handed style of discipline, and if they can survive the DVs’ frequent lectures, should profit from a rewarding friendship with them in later years.