The Name Daisy


  • Alluring
  • Exciting
  • Visionary
  • Moody
  • Obsessive
  • Compulsive

About the Name Daisy

People whose names fall into the DS category exhibit an agreeable blend of forthrightness and soft sensuality. In these names, the dignified, dynamic and dominant letter D is brought under the influence of the sexy, sassy, sylphlike letter S to create the suggestion of a uniquely feminine style of ethical traits.

Sensual and full of life, the DS exudes a magnetic vibe to which the opposite sex is powerfully attracted. Even when she plays at being naive, she is keenly aware of the strong effect she has on others, and secretly relishes the attention. People respond to her, not only for her attractive feminine presence but also for her deeply spiritual and emotional side. For the DS is passionately enamored with life, which often expresses itself in her creative outlet s: poetry, music, and design.

At work, as well as in her personal life, the DS is personable and free-spirited soul. She functions well in unstructured careers -- that include writing, acting, and graphic design -- but her flair for the dramatic makes her perfect for those jobs in sales, advertising, and even public speaking. Work is often an escape for these women, whose complex emotional make-ups require a degree of distraction, and like most D names, DSs land on the upper end of the scale when it comes to income.

DS women have a powerful need to stay in touch with their friends and families, and if this need is not met, are prone to feeling as if their lives are incomplete.

And a DS in a slump is a completely different creature from the otherwise smooth and confident woman that most people know. Although these moods will right themselves over time, friends might have to put up with a snappish and uncommunicative sulker until the DS works through her issues and finds her groove.

The DS loves the idea of love more than she does its messy consequences, and she proves to be a practical – instead of an overly passionate -- lover. In marriage, she might even come to the altar with unrealistically high expectations on the part of her fiancé… who might be disappointed to discover that she wasn’t the sex goddess she advertised. It’s not that the DS isn’t capable of creative lovemaking; it’s just that the practical issues of life sometimes take precedence over what she considers to be a frivolity. But let it be said, that the DS will expect to be romanced if she’s going to get in the mood, and her partner will have his work cut out for him if he is to commune with her spiritual side. A persistent mate will be rewarded with the best friend and partner he could wish for.