The Name Cooper


  • Daring
  • Vivacious
  • Devoted
  • Inconsistent
  • Undependable
  • Uptight

About the Name Cooper

It`s unusual to encounter an individual whose assertive nature is rooted in pure audaciousness. But it`s arguable that is precisely what defines the CR personality.

For when the crisply concise letter C combines with the ribald and randy R, it imparts the air of robust passion found in the word s: courageous, coercion, cobra, conquer, cougar, crisp, curvy, and carnality. Names tailed by the playful letter Y or IE -- as in Carrie, Cory and Carey – are imbued with a bit more of an approachable aspect, but all CR names incorporate the elements of romance, passion and resilience that enable these people to weather life`s rough patches.

Never without a sense of humor or a perpetually impish grin, CRs present a cheerful, if unpredictable face to the world. And while you may think you know a CR, be prepared for surprises! With a tendency to switch directions in midstream, their whimsical and unpredictable dispositions can quickly throw relationships out of balance, which is why it`s common for CRs to move in and out of relationships several times a year. But there`s a price to pay for this high emotional metabolism; and without the constant stimulation of fresh people in their lives, CRs are prone to mood swings and bouts of ennui.

The CR`s volatility can land them in trouble in other ways, and at its worst, manifests itself in outbursts of aggressive sarcasm that can alienate even the most loyal friends. But at their best, they are exciting, well-meaning friends with a vast reservoir of emotional energy. The best way to deal with these occasional outbursts is to give them a respectful distance in which they can collect their composure.

CRs exhibit a deeply spiritual side that articulates itself in a variety of artistic forms (mainly music, writing, or painting) and these talents have often parleyed into successful careers in entertainment. But their indifference to more concrete forms of labor often excludes them from high-paying careers. Fortunately, because most CRs are not driven by a need for money, their creative talents more than compensate for their occasional diva behavior.

With a strong sense of destiny and the belief that Karma is looking out for them, CRs are by-and-large happy people who are at peace with themselves and the universe. CRs don`t have to be married, and function quite well as singles. But if the right person does happen to stumble into their busy lives, they`ll probably at least consider it. There`s a great deal of power that comes from not wanting something too badly and CRs take full advantage of it. Still, they`ll do their part, and family life will be firmly anchored by their intelligent guidance.