The Name Conan


  • Gregarious
  • Hospitable
  • Communicative
  • Quick-tempered
  • Judgmental
  • Bossy

About the Name Conan

An examination of the CN names reveals the effect of the crisply clean -cut letter C and its association with the pessimistic letter N (no, never, not, nyet, nein, nix, nary and negative ). When these two letters get together, they create the shadowy tenor found in the words: conquest, censor, cunning, conflict, control, conman and connive… reminding us not to take the congenial disposition of the CN personality at face value. These are individuals who, although competent and outgoing, must secretly fight their desire to rule the world (or at least their personal environments).

CNs are not natural socializer`s, but what they lack in instinct, is more than made up for by their enthusiasm for being part of a group. They are the types who can pull off elaborate parties with seemingly little effort, or who can sit down to lunch with complete strangers to discuss intimate issues without batting an eyelash. It`s important for them to feel like they`re part of the “in” crowd, and the CN is the one to call when you need the latest gossip. They may seem cliquish -- like most attractive and popular people -- but in the CNs` case, the elitism proves to be transitional. Deep down, CNs have the common touch.

CNs are very much career-minded and feel most in control when their careers are stable. And the need to be control is usually at the heart of the CN motives; especially their need for control over their financial affairs. Employers love the CNs` steely dedication and the single-minded sense of purpose with which they tackle their work, and although these multi-talented individuals could have their choice of jobs, they prove to be remarkably unfussy about the work itself.

Inasmuch as money plays such a big role in the CNs` lives, they will almost always choose a lucrative job over one that offers personal satisfaction.

When it comes to their personal lives, CNs enjoy a great deal of attention from the opposite sex, who are attracted to their air of earnest responsibility. But CNs are picky about with whom they commit, so you shouldn`t think that your casual relationship is going anywhere, unless they`ve given you specific reasons to think otherwise. And because most CNs marry late in life, their relationships are usually permanent.

The CN`s children will enjoy a somewhat spoiled existence when it comes to material wealth, but they`ll have to hurry to catch this parent between appointments. When CNs are on a mission, their families will have to accept being just another component of the intricate machinery that is the CNs` life.