The Name Chuck


  • Dominant
  • Fun-loving
  • Encouraging
  • Complicated
  • Boastful
  • Secretive

About the Name Chuck

The CH phoneme is responsible for the spiritual elements found in the words church, chapel, cherub, chaperone, and chastity. And when coupled with the sharply cutting elements of the letter K (kick, kill, kamikaze, kidnap and king ), the result is a name with a distinct sense of power and foreboding. People are instinctively on the alert when there`s a CHK in the room—not because the CHK is dangerous, per se -- but because it always seems as if something important is going to happen when they`re around.

If there were two words that could accurately summarize these intensely masculine names, they would be fear-less. These are people who are drawn to adventure and feel ill at ease unless something momentous is going on. So the best way to motivate CHKs is to tell them “no.” Tell them they`re not qualified for that executive-level job and they`ll prove you wrong (whether they want the job or not). CHKs eat boundaries for breakfast.

But these are also people with a strong sense of ho nor and there are limits to the things they`ll do to get ahead. For example, CHKs don`t believe in taking short cuts. A job worth doing is worth doing in the most challenging way possible. Strict self-disciplinarians, the CHKs` schedules are carefully thought out and rigorously adhered to, and their social events are planned with the same intensity as their business lives.

Even with their best intentions, the CHKs` impulses impel them to turn every situation to their advantage—a trait that often results in isolation in their personal lives. In their intimate dealings, CHKs sometimes have a hard time earning the trust of their partners, partly because of their ha bit of overlaying their own agendas onto the relationship. Partners sense these ulterior motives in the CHKs` seemingly sociable advances and treat them with suspicion.

Consequently, the CHKs` love affairs are often tempestuous — at least in the early stages. Compounding this problem is the CHKs` habit of choosing someone completely unattainable as the object of their affections. They`re then left with an uphill struggle to convince their potential partner that they`re worth taking a chance on. And even though CHKs can pull off this tactic better than most people, they are apt to lose interest when their partners succumb too easily to their forceful charms.