The Name Christopher


  • Playful
  • Altruistic
  • Affectionate
  • Childish
  • Petulant
  • Unpredictable

About the Name Christopher

The complex CHRS names define a broad range of personality types. With the spiritual and loving associations found in the CHR phoneme ( Christ, charisma, cherub, cheery and charming ) CHRS people are able to maintain a positive and energetic attitude in the face of life`s challenges . But these names are also strongly influenced by the sensuous and serpentine sounds of the letter S, which S is the classic icon of all things sexy, sly, supple, slippery and soft , No matter what you say about CHRS people, it must include something about their ability to beguile the opposite sex at will.

CHRSs exhibit the quiet confidence that only a loving childhood can produce, and as children probably enjoyed a supportive family environment in which education (or at least free-thinking) was encouraged. With ch arm aplenty, CHRSs have no trouble in finding friends and don`t have to expend huge amounts of energy keeping them. And don`t even think about resisting these sweet talkers, for once CHRSs have set you in their sights, you`ll find yourself enchanted by their offbeat and oddly vulnerable appeal. It`s a good idea though, to be aware of the CHRS` sensitive centers: any challenge to their integrity or insult to their self-esteem will almost certainly trigger an outburst. It`s not that CHRSs would ever go out of their way to deliberately hurt anyone, but they will lash out with surprising ferocity to protect their feelings. The best way to avoid pulling their emotional hair-triggers is to make sure that your communication lines are wide open.

Don`t try and pigeonhole CHRSs eitherů particularly when it comes to their careers. These are people with such a wide range of talents that they can afford to ply pretty much whatever trade strikes their fancy. Still, because they thrive in social environments, they are better suited for careers requiring teamwork and problem solving. If there are any CHRSs in your office, they are probably the first ones that you`d turn to for information and advice.

Their powerful desire for companionship means that CHRS people are most satisfied in exclusive and nurturing relationships. They have no qualms about committing to family life, and if and when, children show up CHRS parents will be there to deliver unconditional affection, alternated with bouts of sharp discipline and preachy moralizing. At the end of the day, nothing is more important to CHRS s than being able to provide their children the kind of nurturing upbringing that they themselves had experienced.